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Sure it's flawed - but I loved it anyway!

The Astronaut Wives Club - Lily Koppel

Bullet Review:


What I hated: how short it was and how much it skipped over. I realize that this is probably from interviews done many years after the events, but I felt many missions (such as the infamous Apollo 13) were glosses over.

What I loved: everything else! It's all about these incredible diverse women trying to pretend to be the perfect 50's housewife under the scrutiny of the media. Real Housewives? Eat your heart out! Oh, yeah, and these women DONT have to women-hate each other either.

I particularly loved the end where the women, split up from their men, come together for community with these other women. Truly, the space race would have gone NOWHERE without women like Louise, Annie, Rene and Betty (I HEART BETTY!!).

(I don't typically address other reviews but this one has quite a few 1- and 2- stars that I feel I must. 1) I do get that the writing style is weird. I found it weird too - talking about one thing then suddenly saying that "Sputnik" means "Traveler". Weird. But honestly, I got so absorbed, it fled into the background. 2) No citations. This likewise bugs me - but the author hints that she may have done interviews which is why you don't see a bibliography. These women's stories have been shut up for years; I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first and only book about them.)

Even the narrator couldn't give a f@#$ about this book

Alpha - Catherine Asaro

Bullet Review:

Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz...I'm done. Don't care about 8000 year old Thomas and his family woes. Don't care about Alpha. Just don't care. Also, didn't realize this was a second book.

Life is just too short for me to spend it on books like this; maybe I'll try it again. Narrator is not very impressive; sounds bored TO DEATH (this probably didn't help).

And fanboys/girls, before you shrill at me for my review, let's all remember: It is MY OPINION. You are more than entitled to love this and make many beautiful babies with it. I willingly admit that this is a "it's not you, it's me" book. Doesn't mean that I'll change my feelings or rating however.

What a fun adventure!

Pawn of Prophecy - David Eddings

Bullet Review:

Give the girl a medal! She finished it!

What a fun ride - but gorrammit did Eddings HAVE to end it THAT WAY? We got some answers (thank Bilbo for that!) but dayum, it took awhile! And now, in order to get more answers and closure, I gotta find book 2!

Slightly Updated Bullet Review (More Coffee, Less Snoozes):

I had a LOT of fun reading this. It's pretty much your classic Hero's Journey story - a young boy with a MYSTERIOUS past sees all these crazy things going on. He joins his aunt-figure and a wizened old man on a journey to find something - what, he doesn't know. As he journeys, he meets new peoples (Barak and Silk), learns new skills (basically sign language) and starts to learn the truth about himself and those he thought he knew best.

I'm not going to bother writing a proper review because I was too damn slow to read this book, and it's not fair. But I will say: this may have all those cliches we gripe and moan about, but in a way that's just so much FUN. Sometimes it's nice to watch something not so gorram serious (I'm looking at you, DC!), and just go along for the ride.

The only problem? This book does NOT have an ending! We get a couple of answers...and then, BOOM, it's the end! Which means I absolutely HAVE to get my hands on book 2 one of these days and attempt to read this slightly faster than I read it this time around!

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I've sent a request to Goodreads so we'll see how long it takes for an answer. Just trying to see if it's a me problem or a wider issue.

Reading progress update: I've read 50%.

A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

End of Part 1 - time to switch to the HBO season 3!!

Reading progress update: I've read 48%.

A Storm of Swords - George R.R. Martin

And my car audio cable is jacked up in the bad way (because audio...jack...get so now I can't listen while driving.


One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories - B.J. Novak

My book club chose BJ Novak’s book, “One More Thing”. I wasn’t able to attend the meeting where the books were chosen, but my guess is it was chosen because Novak was an actor in the American “The Office”, a pretty funny show (at least the episodes I’ve caught).


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I apologize...

...for flooding everyone's feed with my bullet reviews! I don't tend to hop onto Booklikes much anymore, and when I do, I usually have several reviews to post. This is probably really annoying - if it does bug you, I can hold back and post like 1 or 2 at a time instead of like half a dozen.

Some interesting information but not what I was expecting

Packing for Mars: The Curious Science of Life in the Void By Mary Roach(A)/Sandra Burr(N) [Audiobook] - Author

Bullet Review:

Huh. Not quite what I was expecting - more a "look at all these weird things in space" than anything close to a checklist of things necessary for a Mars mission. And those weird things seem to focus A LOT on bodily functions.

I wish we spent more time on how bad the food was, how hard it would be to store enough food and oxygen and more about the psychology of long duration flights. And less time on space poos.

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Not for the faint of heart

Michael Moorcock's Elric Vol. 2: Stormbringer - Julien Blondel

Bullet Review:

Sick. Twisted. Graphic. Violent. Bloody.

And way too short for the hard cover price.

I enjoyed this about as much as the first one. I wouldn't be opposed to continuing the series - the art is nice, and the story/characters are interesting enough. But I sure as hell won't be buying any of these - they are just too expensive and too short!

This was written by Rucka? Really?

Veil - Greg Rucka, Toni Fejzula

Bullet Review:

Rucka Fan-Girl here. This was probably one of the most disappointing Rucka reads, just because I felt like I've read this story or seen a form of this story at least 67 times before.

Amnesiac Girl? Check.

Appears nude in a subway? Check.

Supernatural powers? Check.

Woman has to avoid being raped/sexually assaulted multiple times? Double check!

It's not inherently bad, per se, and I do like Rucka's pro-woman message (I feel that Veil is a more pro-active, empowered woman than most females in her shoes would be), but this is not of the caliber I've come to expect of Rucka. I doubt I'll pursue the rest of these - unless my coworker decides to lend them.

Moving past the origin story and setting Kamala free

Ms. Marvel, Vol. 2: Generation Why - Jacob Wyatt, G. Willow Wilson, Adrian Alphona

Bullet Review:

Sooooooo much fun. Now that origin story is out of the way, we can have these fun stories of her own - such as teaming up with Wolverine! (My fav storyline - and I'm not even a Wolverine fan girl!)

I feel dirty...

Cochlea & Eustachia - Hans Rickheit

Bullet Review:

There are so many pubescent naked @$$ shots, I'm pretty sure I hear police sirens. Seriously, how does this camisol work, conveniently exposing the booty yet somehow always covering the va-jay-jay?

This artist/author is completely beyond my capacity to understand. I need to figure out a way to pay my coworker back for loaning me this.

And I felt so good about the early issues too!

Storm Vol. 1: Make It Rain - Matteo Buffagni, Victor IbaƱez, Greg Pak

Bullet Review:

Wow, that was...underwhelming.

I gave the first two issues 5 stars because they were awesome. The third issue wasn't bad, but I didn't like the art. But Issues 4 and 5 were just boring and kinda dumb. Logan is dead, so Ororo grieves - by heading to Yukio and getting into a dumb fight in an underground criminal organization. I don't feel her grief at all, Storm just seems to rush into this fight for no reason, and the resolution is just plain ridiculous. It's truly a shame because I thought that the series started out incredibly strong with issues 1 and 2 (and even the story of 3).

Issues 4 and 5 drag this trade down to 3 stars. Not sure I want to continue to follow this character, to be honest.

The Circle - Dave Eggers

Bullet Review:

Another one of those dysotpias that thinks it's 1984 or Brave New World, but it's more like a 24 piece puzzle for a preschooler.

A company exists whose product is to get rid of Internet anonymity - and people DO IT? And NO ONE says anything about this? There is NO commentary in the media about the violation of privacy?

Almost 1/4 of the book is on Mae's FIRST WEEK at this company? I spent way too much time on her work metrics than I know about my OWN work metrics!

And why do I even CARE about Mae in the first place? Because she has college loans and a dad with MS? Whoopeedoo!

And this company ERADICATED internet trolls?!

We ARE reading fiction, aren't we?

I suppose this is a good idea, but really, does anyone think that giving up anonymity, putting ALL your eggs in one basket, and setting up zillions of cameras EVERYWHERE is a good idea? If we had a hard time with Snowden, how do you THINK this would actually go down?

DNF at 18% or the second disc. My eyes are near about to roll out of my head.

Greg Rucka, I love you!

Stumptown, Vol. 1 - Matthew Southworth, Greg Rucka

Bullet Review:

Greg Rucka is DA MAN! WOWEE. He knows how to write the best female characters, without resorting them to simpering wimps that need to hold onto a boy's hands to walk them across a street.

Bonus points for this set in Portland, though it was also a bad thing because I kept trying to tell where everything was. LOL.

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