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Fellow Goodreads refugee, I am known as "old hag with too much time on her hands" or (preferably) "Crystal Starr Light".


I read mostly science fiction and fantasy, but I will read just about any book and genre at least once.

Meet the Reviewer

I wanted to provide a brief summary of books I like/dislike and reviewing standards and hope this is the best place for this.




Ever since I was in grade school, I've loved to read. Some of my favorite genres include:


+ Star Wars (in which I've read almost 80% of the adult novels)

+ Urban fantasy (both YA and adult)

+ Science Fiction

+ Fantasy

+ Historical (preference to ancient history)

+ Non-Fiction (especially biographies, social issues, and feminism)


Genres I tend to avoid:

+ Contemporary (YA, NA, and adult)


+ Mystery/Thriller (though there are exceptions)

+ Chick Lit

+ Steampunk (Yes, this makes no sense, I don't know why either)

+ Middle-Grade

+ Political non-fiction

+ Sports non-fiction

+ Erotica


The general rules I keep in mind when rating a book:


1 star: I hate it. Serious flaws in writing, character, and plot. Do not recommend.

2 star: I didn't like it. Flaws in writing, character, and plot, with some good parts. "Not for me" books and DNFs may be here. May or may not recommend, depending on what the flaws were.

3 stars: It was okay. The flaws equal the good parts or the book may just not be my genre. DNFs may be here as well. Typically recommended with caveats.

4 stars: I liked it. With the exception of a few flaws, I liked this book. Recommended.

5 stars: I love it! Why has it taken me so long to find this? Highly recommended!


Because my reading time is precious and I don't want to waste anymore time than I have to on a book I'm not enjoying, I've instituted the new 25% rule:


+ Read a book to ~25% (may vary depending on where chapters are, how mad a book makes me, etc.).

+ Evaluate whether the book is worth continuing. If I'm not stimulated, interested in the outcome or enjoying the characters and story, then I need to stop reading.

+ Write a review about why I didn't finish and a rating of what I read.

+ Make a recommendation on who would like this, if anyone.

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