Can we PLEASE get a good author and storyline for Wonder Woman? PLEASE???

Wonder Woman: Love and Murder - Rodney Ramos, Terry Dodson, Drew Johnson, Ray Snyder, Rachel Dodson, Paco Diaz, Jodi Picoult

Bullet Review:

This occurs just before and concurrent with Amazons Attack; this makes Amazons Attack make more sense and clarify major plot elements.

That said, it's still crap.

Some of it admittedly is not Picoult's fault. The plot itself I am sure was a DC creation but the execution is all hers. And it's complete shit. 

Hugely disappointing; the only saving grace is the art.

Full Review:

In previous comics, Wonder Woman had to kill a man, Max Lord, because he was forcing Superman to be a horrible person. This made her very unsure of herself and her place in the world (she doesn't typically kill), so this comic is about her wondering who she is as she lives life as Diana Prince, Esteemed Federal Agent who has no clue about credit cards and metropasses.

Now, the metropasses I get, as I am a small town girl and when I went to San Francisco a few weeks past and rode their BART, I was TOTALLY clueless how to operate ANYTHING. But Diana Prince isn't established as small town boy, like Clark Kent. I mean, she's a FEDERAL AGENT. She must be at least SLIGHTLY familiar with technology like social security numbers and birth certificates and CARS. So this goofiness about credit cards and coffee sizing (though, yes, it's weird to pop into Starbucks and order a "tall" as the smallest size) undermines Wonder Woman at every turn.

Otherwise, this just isn't that good of a comic, and I can't blame Picoult. She was brought on as a publicity stunt. That's basically how it went - DC Comics realized they had like ONE regular female author and went, "Oh, sh!t, its the 21st century and 99% of our creators are STILL men! We need to fix that STAT! And that will TOTALLY make everyone buy our Wonder Woman comic (notoriously one of the weaker titles in their line)."

When I got on my Wonder Woman kick and started looking up any and all Wonder Woman, I saw Jodi Picoult's name attached to this and went, "Really?!" I reread the authors, then the blurb, and I STILL couldn't believe that Jodi "Contemporary Novels with Important Messages about Family and Life and Death and Infidelity" Picoult was the one to write THIS, a WONDER WOMAN COMIC. I must assume that the powers that be at DC just scanned the most popular female authors on the New York Times Bestseller and started calling them up.

But you can get surprises from the weirdest places; just because Jodi "I Write Books for Women to Get Them to Cry about Cancer and Family and Infidelity and Being a Woman" Picoult is writing doesn't mean she couldn't do some good for Wonder Woman.

She doesn't, but at least I tried.

I don't know if it's Picoult's inexperience with the medium or her just being an author I don't like (NOTE: I didn't say "bad" author), but I think this was a big, fat belly flop. Wonder Woman walks around, constantly telling herself she is so-and-so, but that she doesn't know what she's doing with her life anymore. I think slugs have confidence greater than she does. There were attempts at "witty banter" that splatted on the floor like a slice of bread, butter side down. And don't even get me started on the "romance" between Wonder Woman and Tresser. I absolutely see NOTHING in Tresser worth saving, and no matter what so-called "witty banter" Picoult gives them, I will NEVER ship these two together. Wonder Woman would be better off in a romantic relationship with her Invisible Plane.

The art was decent, probably the saving grace of this comic. I absolutely love Wonder Woman's look in here!

But a pretty picture can't make up for the stupid Amazons Attack! storyline! While Picoult does attempt to bring light to WHY Hippolyta becomes such a man-hating warmonger, the story is as stupid as it was when I was reading Amazons Attack. It makes ZERO sense for the peaceful people of Paradise Island to get all trigger-happy about Wonder Woman being captured by the government. Even if they did decide to pursue war, WHY when Wonder Woman approaches her mother, does Hippolyta INSIST on attacking the people who are attacking her because SHE, HIPPOLYTA, started attacking first?! It goes from, "I WANT MY DAUGHTER BACK" to "WE MUST FIGHT AGAINST THESE AGGRESSORS!" but makes ZERO sense because the Amazons STARTED IT!! It's preschool if the parents and teachers all took a coffee break at the same time!

One of the worst Wonder Woman comics I've read and worst comics period. If my mind weren't still reeling from Katana and Amazons Attack, I'd be harsher. My biggest consolation is that I did NOT buy this, only checked it out from the library.

Not recommended.