For a moment, I lived in the time

Ancient Greece: From Prehistoric to Hellenistic Times (Yale Nota Bene) - Thomas R. Martin

Bullet Review:

Took me nearly a year, but hot damn, it's done!

This is a great, detailed book about life for the Ancient Greeks, from the early, early days to the last days of Queen Cleopatra (you know, the famous one that Elizabeth Taylor played). I don't know how Martin did it, but he struck that perfect writing tone of being highly intellectual but highly approachable as well.

Please Note: The fact it took me so long to finish should NOT be indicative of the value of the subject matter or the quality of the writing style. The information here is FASCINATING and more than I ever got in high school (I was an idiot and took American History AGAIN in college. For the third time in my educational career - GAH). And, like I said above, the writing style is really, really approachable, while always remaining objective and educational.

I LOVED how Martin ended with a mere 2-page conclusion. It was pretty much, "It would be easy to spend this time judging the Greeks on their culture, but yeah, not gonna do that people. I'll let them speak for themselves, and if you want to judge, YOU be the one doing the research." So yeah, that was EPIC.

I should probably just rate this 5 stars, but for whatever reason, I just can't. I'm gonna say that it's because the font size is small and prove how petty I am. :)