2014 Edition - A Year of Reading in Review - The Numbers

Once again, let’s do some number crunching. Because what better way to assess where you’ve been than with purty pictures?!


NOTE: All charts represent the 173 books I’ve read as of 12/16/14. Any books finished after that point will not be reflected in the charts.




I must admit, this little chart has me surprised. Wanna know why? Let’s take a look at last year’s chart:




Anything stand out to you? How about how the chart shifted from being mostly 5’s and 4’s to a predominance of 3’s?


Even when I remove the single issue comics, the tiny ebooks, and the DNFs less than 10% from both, the results are astonishing:




Well, that evens it out a bit. You can see I’ve read predominantly 3 and 4 star books this year. But the fact remains: I’ve read less books I was on fire for than I did last year. And yet, somehow, I feel more satisfied with my reading than I was last year.


At first this seems puzzling, but looking deeply at the books I’ve read along with my goals clarifies this. My goal this year was to clear out some of the books I own and to more freely DNF. A lot of the books I ended up DNFing were books I assigned 3-stars – “The Mermaid’s Madness” is one example.


Even though I am not reading books I adore (5-stars), I still am selecting books I think are OK. My average rating is 3.30 (3.28 adjusting like above), which is a solid rating.


Another big change from this year is the TYPE of book I’m reading. Last Christmas, my sister gave me a Kindle. So let’s take a look at the format of book I’m reading:


NOTE: I included “Comic” to separate any graphic medium from the purely word/audio books.


Another interesting factoid: most of my 173 books are comics. (Not surprising, as they are short and easy to burn through in an hour or so.) This is a big change from last year, where I did read a substantial amount of comics, but nowhere near the quantity this year.


As expected, Kindle books make a pronounced appearance on the chart as well, only under Audiobooks as most popular. Not surprisingly (given price and the ease of transport/reading), “Hardcover” is the least read.


Other charts that would be interesting to see which I won’t do because I’m too lazy: genre, reason for reading (Book Club, friend recommendation, yearly goal, etc.), and something about page count (per month?). I will say that the book with the most pages was The Walking Dead Compendium at over 1000 and the least was Batwoman issue #27 at 19.


NOTE: Goodreads did assign page numbers to audiobooks, but something tells me that “Something Wicked This Way Comes” was really 10 pages long.


So there you have it! Now that we’ve number-crunched, let’s delve into the books themselves and see what we can learn about the books I’ve read this year.