2014 Edition - A Year of Reading in Review - The Worst

With good comes the bad, and here’s the Baddest of the Bad in 2014!


NOTE: This year, I will be including my graphic novel selections with my other format novels. Because of this, I have bumped up from Top 5 books to Top 10.


Top 10 Worst Books of 2014 (In no particular order)


  1. The Bride Collector/ Burn by Ted Dekker – Most of the books on this list will be ones I read in their entirety. But this is the one exception. I read more of “Burn” than I did of “The Bride Collector” but both were pretty damned awful. The characterization of women, the pedestrian writing, the juvenile set up of TBC were enough to make me realize that Ted Dekker may be a great author for my dad, but he’s not for me. AT ALL.
  2. Katana Vol.1 – This comic is just awful. AWFUL. It was sheer torture to read the entire thing from front to finish. Hideous artwork from a revolving door of artists. Terrible characterizations and a Wheel of Plotlines from an author who doesn’t seem to know what to do. This is probably the worst comic I’ve ever read and the most painful read this year.
  3. Wonder Woman: Amazons Attack – I really should have read reviews before buying this, because this is pretty much universally agreed to be awful. The art’s not bad, but WTF happened to Hippolyta and Wonder Woman?! And the other thing that impaired this comic was how so many key events happened in other comics.
  4. New Girl in Town – This was a trip down memory lane with a fellow Goodreader! Back in the day, Baby Crystal HATED this book, but read the series anyway for gold coins. I thought I would hate it again, and I did, but for completely different reasons.
  5. Bullet – It’s Anita Blake; her books continue to be bottom of the barrel awful, but also hilariously so.
  6. When She Woke – My first book club book of the year, I actually didn’t mind this until the end, in which the conclusion pretty much destroys the whole objective/theme of the book. It’s “The Handmaid’s Tale” JR version.
  7. Tell the Wolves I’m Home – Another book club selection, I was actually excited about this until I started reading. I HATED the main character and how she was constantly sneaking away to see her uncle’s creepy boyfriend. The last few pages, however, did improve this, which is why it’s lower on the list than “When She Woke”.
  8. Original Sin – This is the last time I try to follow an event comic. It had its good moments, but the end made me wonder why I even bothered. I think it’s better for me to follow individual characters or authors than these team-ups.
  9. Avengers Vol. 2: The Last White Event – See “Original Sin” but add Jon Hickman. I have no clue what Hickman tries to do in his comics; if someone has a Hickman decoder, please send to me STAT.
  10. The Savage Hawkman Vol. 2 – I almost don’t want to put this on the list because a part of me enjoyed this. I laughed my ass off SO FRAKKIN’ hard for this baby! Liefeld is a superbly awful writer and artist; I think I’d read more of his stuff, just for the sheer entertainment value.


Notable mentions:


I Can Be an Actress/I Can Be a Computer Engineer (Barbie) – Late in the year, this exploded onto the scene, with computer engineering student Barbie being completely incapable of being a computer engineer and having to rely on two guys to fix the two computers she crashes with a virus. (Stop going to porno websites, girl!) This is probably worse than most of the books in the above list, but I didn’t categorize it above because A) the publicity has chewed it out enough, B) it’s super short, and C) it’s “for kids”.


The Walking Dead – It wouldn’t be accurate to say I hate the whole thing, but I would say a good 75% of the trades aggravate me to no end. Rick “Marty Stu” Grimes particularly drives me nuts – thank Hestia that there are some other decent characters, but damn Kirkman for always killing them off!