2014 Edition - A Year of Reading in Review - The DNFs

One of my “goals” this year was to be more free with the DNF, the “Did not finish”. In year’s past, I would stick to reading the ENTIRE book, even if I wasn’t enjoying it. This only did me harm, as I took forever to finish books, took forever to get through my queue and started to lose the love of reading.


But this year, I ended up DNFing over 20 books! Let’s take a peek at some of them:


DNFs I wished I liked better:


Everybody’s Got Something (page 153)

Mermaid’s Madness (page 84)

Eye of the Storm (page 61)

No Such Thing (Edward Lorn is pretty freakin’ awesome BTW; he liked my review, even when I gave it 2 stars and never ONCE tried to talk me out of the rating!)

Branded (18%)

Pretty Witches All in a Row (11%)


All these books, I WANTED SO BADLY to like, particularly Jim C. Hines’ “Mermaid’s Madness”. Alas, none of them gave me that spark, so I DNFed. The furthest I got was in “Everybody’s Got Something”, when I made it almost halfway, but couldn’t muster the interest to finish. Sorry!!


DNFs that were basically a story I had already read before, aka Twilight Clones:


Beautiful Creatures (36%)

Eyes Like Stars (page 48)

Nightshade (page 25)

Shiver (11%)

Fallen (24%)

The Watchers (15%)

The Fallen Star (5%)

Stained (10%)


These books are pretty much just Twilight clones. Hot sexy guy, tortured virginal girl, some supernatural mysticism, boom, much more interesting background characters, insta-success. I pretty much quit these when it was clear all it would be was another Twilight story and nothing to snark about that hadn’t been said 80 gajillion times before.


DNFs that were not their fault:


Onward (30%)

Getting Past Your Breakup (44%)

Incarceron (19%)

Hold Me Closer, Necromancer (24%)

Mermaid’s Madness (page 84)

Eye of the Storm (page 61)


If you see duplicates, it’s OK, I did that on purpose. The fact is, these books I DNF’d when it became clear that it was not them, it was me. Some were getting too dry, others weren’t my genre, and one was doing more harm than good. So I let them go.


DNFs that make me despair of the world:


Identity (6%)

The Bride Collector (page 82, skimmed the final chapters)

Burn (page 193, skimmed the rest)

Heartless (10%)

The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao (15%)


These books. These were so awful, I had to stop or else stab an eye out. I’m not sure who could like them, but kudos to you!