I tried but it's just not for me

Raised by Wolves - Jennifer Lynn Barnes

Bullet Review:

DNF at 22%/Chapter 8

As Young Adult Urban Fantasy werewolf books go, this is certainly not the worst you could do. It feels like Barnes put a lot of work into imagining how the werewolf pack would act, much like Briggs did for Mercy and Armstrong did for Women of the Otherworld.

But it's like every other freakin' YA UF book out there. Super Speshul Snowflake who is not worthy of knowing why she must be protected because she has ovaries. Way too much time on stupid, boring crap like werewolf puppies and all this intricate werewolf business. A mysterious hawt guy that our SSS is attracted to for no gorram reason. Dead parents. Tragic backstory. Oppressive guardians. Virtually no female characters to speak of and certainly none in any position of power (who aren't evil baddies). And then, once again, we have yet another werewolf mythology where female werewolves are stupidly rare - this time, it's almost WORST because it's a painfully stupid pseudoscience explanation that makes no sense (something attacks female embryos but won't attack them if there is a twin male???).

If you like werewolves, you could do worse, and at least it doesn't seem to have a royal d-bag, oppressive, abusive boyfriend. And like I said, there seems to be some effort to make the werewolf pack its own unique creation, not just some weird humans. But I would probably recommend either Mercy or Women of the Otherworld over this. It's certainly not worth my time to finish it.

And, to make matters worse, the audiobook is awful. Narrator sounds painfully childish and naive and silly.