2014 Edition - A Year of Reading in Review - Most Disappointing

These books aren’t bad, they aren’t good, so what are they? They are the books that I went into hoping for the best and getting the worst. These are the Most Disappointing Books of 2014.


Mars – From the time I was 11, I dreamed of going to Mars. And while I’m pretty sure that won’t happen to me, there’s a part of me that secretly would love to go. This book was my ode to my childhood love of Mars – and it killed it.


The Assassin’s Curse – After having my heart wrenched and tortured in “The Mad Scientist’s Daughter”, I thought Clarke would do another turn on me in “The Assassin’s Curse”. In the beginning, it was good, but those good feelings were destroyed when the plot turned to two women hating on each other over a man and over another woman’s voluptuous good looks. Really? I MEAN REALLY??! Even though the book evened out in the end, those initial good spirits would not come back.


Everybody’s Got Something – I cannot emphasize enough how disappointing this book was. Again, a great part was me, not realizing what the subject matter was, but another part was how terrible and off-kilter the writing was. Awful.


Jesus Feminist – Again, this is a YMMV, but I was really hoping for a more educational, in-depth analysis, not the series of fluffy, emotional blog posts I got.


Ghost Vol. 1: In the Smoke and Din – I LOVE LOVE LOVE Kelly Sue Deconnick’s Captain Marvel run, so naturally, I thought I’d love everything she touches. Um…no. This was the first pinprick in the bubble of my love for everything Deconnick. Oh, I still think she’s awesome, and I love her Captain Marvel stuff, but I’m a bit wonky on everything outside of that.


Y: The Last Man, Book 1  - In the same way I loved Deconnick, I adored Vaughan. I snapped up this signed, deluxe hardcover at Comic Con for a hefty price – and was horrified by the seixsm and misogyny in the book. It was enough to make me quit the series – even though I continue to plug along in The Walking Dead, a franchise I love to hate.