2014 Edition - A Year of Reading in Review - New Authors

I didn’t stumble upon a lot of new authors I wanted to read, but I did get a couple. So without further ado…


New Favorite Authors


Greg Rucka – HOW DID I NOT KNOW ABOUT YOU??! Greg Rucka is a local and he writes the most amazing, fantastic stories, namely a superb Batwoman and a kick-ass line, Lazarus.

Ed Brubaker – Again, a staple of comics, this man wrote the superb Velvet, the excellent Fatale, and a great Captain America storyline.

Abigail Haas – The woman behind “Dangerous Girls”! I hear she wrote “Dangerous Boys”, and I can’t wait to read it!

Cassandra Rose Clarke – Have I said how much I loved “The Mad Scientist’s Daughter”? Even with the blip of “The Assassin’s Curse”, my love for this woman is not abaited.


Notable Mentions:


Libba Bray – Even though “Diviners” didn’t make my top 10 best books, I still loved Bray’s writing style and attention to detail. I may check out the sequel , if I can get over the sequel bait in Diviners.

Stan Sakai – A coworker lent me Usagi Yojimbo, which has been a series I’ve greatly enjoyed reading. Sakai is a superb writer, artist, editor – everything. I know when I hold one of his books, I’m going to be pleased.