2014 Edition - A Year of Reading in Review - Disappointing Authors

Of course, whenever I’m trying new books by “new” authors, there will be the ones that make me go, “Nope, never checking out anything you do again!”


Authors I Am Done With


Ben Bova – When I first cracked open “Mars”, I actually bought three of his ebooks on sale for $1.99. But when I got halfway, I returned them. Sorry, Bova, you just aren’t for me.

Ted Dekker – I’ve spent this year raking Dekker over the coals pretty well. But the fact is, both of his books (actually three, if you include the short ebook I DNF’d) hugely unimpressed me. I’ll let Dad read and enjoy Dekker

Becca Fitzpatrick – I thought Twilight was bad in showing relationships, but damn, Meyer has nothing on Fitzpatrick! Of all the YA urban fantasy books I’ve read this year, this is the one I would actively recommend against reading, due to the ATROCIOUS “romance”.

Jason Aaron – I think I’ll leave watching Avengers in the theaters and the comics in the comic bookstore. Aaron lost me with “Original Sin” and made me wonder why I bothered.


Notable Mentions:


Jonathan Hickman – I doubt I’d choose to read him again, but if my coworker loans me something…

Robert Kirkman – See “Jonathan Hickman”.

Ann Nocenti – I probably won’t go out of my way to read her, but if someone bullies me to reading Catwoman, things may change…

Almost every YA Urban Fantasy author (Lish McBride, Kami Garcia, Lisa Mantchev, Andrea Cremer, Jennifer Lynn Barnes, Maggie Stiefvater, Lauren Kate, Melissa Marr, and almost everyone in the DNF section under “Twilight Clones”) – It’s Twilight 2.0! AGAIN! No thanks – if I wanna read Twilight, I’ll read Twilight.