First book of the year!

Brain Boy Volume 1 - Paolo Parigi, Fred Van Lente, Jim Gibbons, Freddie Williams II, Ariel Olivetti, R B Silva

Bullet Review:

This was my first read of 2015 and what a crazy one it is! Apparently, this comic is an update of something from the Silver Age. I would never have even known about this had a coworker not seen it in the library and passed it along to me.

It's a decent comic; the main character, Matt Price, who insists on not being called "Brain Boy" (which is what his name must have been in the Silver Age), has mental powers galore, which he uses in his contracting job for the United States Secret Service. Mostly, he wants to find out how his parents died and protect the US from being taken over.

I don't know that I would bother with the following issues, but it certainly wasn't a bad way to pass a few hours.