What a shame

Wool: The Graphic Novel (Kindle Serial) - Jimmy Palmiotti, Justin Gray, Hugh Howey, Jimmy Broxton

Bullet Review:

This just feels like a super-rushed, hollow version of the book. I thought the book was long-winded and dull in places but at least I had connection to the characters. Here, everything is on turbo speed, so I had nothing to attach to.

Also, sad to see how many of these characters are just more random white people. I like my castings better.

Full Review:

Given that I read and reviewed the book on which this is based, I suppose I should give this graphic novel a proper review.

The story is essentially the same as the book: Holston, the sheriff, heads out to clean, leaving an opening. Juliette takes up the job and starts to learn that there is some deception occurring in the Silo.

This was an OK interpretation of the book, but I think it really pales in comparison. The art was confusing, the story was rushed, and the characters felt distant and flat.

SIDENOTE: I also didn't like how some of the characters were drawn, specifically that Juliette didn't look more like Michelle Rodriguez, but I realize that is a personal preference more than a real knock against this graphic novel.

The artwork is very dark and smooshed together, making SEEING this incredible world of the silo difficult to visualize. I feel like I had a better vision from the BOOK than the comic. Also, the flow from one panel to the next is a bit challenging to track.

The story was on hyperspeed! The novel was HUGE! And this 100-odd pages of a graphic novel was the entire omnibus, Wool! While on one hand, I appreciated the trimming of the fat (my complaints about the book included one about how it meandered and wallowed in fluff), but on the other hand, lots of story elements get condensed or simplified, characters are omitted (what's the point of mentioning Scottie and Shelby if you barely see them?!), and in general, the whole feeling is one of "Rush, rush, hurry to the next scene!" instead of letting the story sink it.

Lastly, the characters. I had no connection with ANY of them. Not Holston, and his tortured self-exile into cleaning, to follow his wife. Not Juliette, in her quest to uncover the truth. Not Lukas, in learning the secrets of the Silo. They all were pale, pale, boring, flat counterparts to the novel version - but no wonder! They had to be so flat, to fit in such a short format!

Honestly, had this been expanded to at least two volumes, I think the story and characters would have improved exponentially. This is an intricate story, one that isn't done justice here. Palmiotti and crew did a good job of trimming some of the more boring parts of Wool, but in doing that, they also took out the heart.

This certainly isn't the worst graphic novel out there, and if you really want to know what Wool is about, it's a good introduction and/or refresher. But I definitely consider the book to be the superior format.