Knitters will get a chuckle

At Knit's End: Meditations for Women Who Knit Too Much - Stephanie Pearl-McPhee

Bullet Review:

The things you find during Amazon's Christmas sales...

This was one of those $1.99 books that Amazon was practically giving during the most recent holiday season. Being a big knitter/crocheter (I don't judge!), I thought, why not?

This is a fun, little booklet with a quote, followed by a brief anecdote, closing with a "lessons learned" tiddly bit. They are pretty light-hearted, goofy, showing the love of knitting and the foibles of having a crazy hobby.

That said, I'm glad I paid only $1.99. Most of the scenes are a mere 1 page long and even then, they filled maybe have the page (on a Kindle!). Also, some of the scenes were quite repetitive - the hoarding of yarn, the scouring for sales, knitting everywhere, how kids don't appreciate knit gifts, etc. If I had paid more, I would have been very upset.

Avid knitters will appreciate the most, followed closely by those who know avid knitters. Just don't expect much meat.