THIS is how you write a Star Wars comic, peeps

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Volume 1 Commencement (Star Wars: Dark Times Book 3) - John Jackson Miller, Brian Ching, Travel Foreman, Travis Charest

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(No worries - Volume 2 is being shipped to my library!)

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Zayne Carrick is by no stretch of the imagination a great Jedi Padawan; but when he stumbles onto a startling scene, suddenly, he is wanted by the law and the Jedi Order. He ends up teaming up with a small-time scoundrel, Marn Hierogryph, and two junk yard dealers, Camper and Jarael, to flee.

I suppose I ought to toss my Star Wars nerd card out the window for my next statement. I think I'm probably one of the only self-proclaimed Star Wars nerds in existence who has never played the Knights of the Old Republic video game. (I have been remedying that by watching a fantastic Let's Play, hosted by a friend, and dayum, what fun!)

And as a Star Wars nerd, comics had never really been my thing. In later years, I've come back and tried them out, but really, a lot of Star Wars comics are meh to awful.

Not so with this comic.

John Jackson Miller and I have had an up-down relationship. Loved his "Lost Tribe of the Sith". Bored stiff with "Knight Errant", both the novel and the comic. So I had no clue what to expect with him and KOTOR. And you will be pleased to hear that he came out on the "Lost Tribe of the Sith" side of awesome.

This comic has all the fun you want in a Star Wars story AND a comic. Great characters. Witty dialogue. Intrigue. Mystery. Chases. Fights. All of it is here, and not tossed together in a salad, where the carrots get stuck all at the bottom of the bowl. No, it's put together with thought and care.

The art was great. To be honest, I tend to like art that almost seems to "disappear", if you will. Art that lets the action speak for itself, to let the narration and dialogue carry the panels, instead of funky lines, weirdly drawn people, or odd color schemes. Sure, it's fun sometimes to read a Hawkeye, Vol. 1: My Life as a Weapon type book, but when sometimes, I just want to read the story, not get caught up trying to figure out what the names of the 13 men who all look the same are.

In short: this comic was a true joy to read. It's so great, I've bought volumes 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 and have put on request the rest from the library. This is definitely one of the few Star Wars comics that I want to own and that I want to be able to go back and read and reread.