A worthy entry in the series showcasing some great ladies in the Star Wars universe

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic Volume 3--Days of Fear, Nights of Anger - John Jackson Miller, Brian Ching, Dustin Weaver, Harvey Tolibao, Colin Wilson

This was another fantastic entry in the Knights of the Old Republic comic line. Jarael and Camper break off from Zayne and Gryph, so now instead of following one storyline, we get to see two. We see Jarael and Camper's homeworld and learn what Camper has been running from. Meanwhile, Zayne and Gryph end up serving food to soldiers until Zayne has a terrible vision.

Miller and the gang continue to bring their best into this series. The characters are fantastic, the art great, the dialogue snappy, the story full of twists and turns, never giving you a dull moment. This team has tapped into what made Star Wars FUN in the first place, and they never let themselves get complacent.

Fans of the video game will squeal to see Squint reappear and Carth (I did thanks to my buddy reader, Iset!). If you aren't familiar, you won't "get it", but the characters were well done, as is the case for every character in this comic.

I must take a moment to talk about the women of KOTOR. All too often in Star Wars novels, we get token females (and Leia). And while I do think there could be more females in the Republic army/navy (it is unclear the sex in the Mandalorian army), the fact remains the women of KOTOR are done fantastically. Jarael does not need to be constantly saved. She isn't motivated solely by a love interest or all the men around her. She can have conversations with women without resorting to slut-shaming. Similarly, we have Raana and Q'anilia, the two Jedi Counselors who are part of Lucien's Inner Circle. TWO. Out of FIVE. Fantastic ratio! And these women are complex - not just goodie-goods or femme fatales.

This is definitely a top-notch sequel, one that I greatly enjoyed. A part of me IS afraid that with so many good comics, how can Miller possibly keep it up, but I am not letting that from holding me back! I have Volume 4 on my nightstand right now!