Crystal Asks: The Price of Cologne in the US

So, why would the Calvin Klein men's cologne, Obession, be less expensive than the Calvin Klein women's cologne, Eternity?


Some price investigation:


At Amazon the 1 floz bottles run $39/$45 respectively.


At the CK website, men's come in 4oz bottles for $71, and women's come in 3.4oz bottles for $78. Men's have the option of 6oz, but 3.4oz is the highest available for women.


Obsession came out in 1986, 1 year after the female version. Eternity came out in 1988.


Is there a difference in technique? Can the price of spices and scents used influence price so obviously? Or is this just plain old sexism at work?

ETA: Seems the whole damn industry is messed up: