The Circle - Dave Eggers

Bullet Review:

Another one of those dysotpias that thinks it's 1984 or Brave New World, but it's more like a 24 piece puzzle for a preschooler.

A company exists whose product is to get rid of Internet anonymity - and people DO IT? And NO ONE says anything about this? There is NO commentary in the media about the violation of privacy?

Almost 1/4 of the book is on Mae's FIRST WEEK at this company? I spent way too much time on her work metrics than I know about my OWN work metrics!

And why do I even CARE about Mae in the first place? Because she has college loans and a dad with MS? Whoopeedoo!

And this company ERADICATED internet trolls?!

We ARE reading fiction, aren't we?

I suppose this is a good idea, but really, does anyone think that giving up anonymity, putting ALL your eggs in one basket, and setting up zillions of cameras EVERYWHERE is a good idea? If we had a hard time with Snowden, how do you THINK this would actually go down?

DNF at 18% or the second disc. My eyes are near about to roll out of my head.