And I felt so good about the early issues too!

Storm Vol. 1: Make It Rain - Matteo Buffagni, Victor IbaƱez, Greg Pak

Bullet Review:

Wow, that was...underwhelming.

I gave the first two issues 5 stars because they were awesome. The third issue wasn't bad, but I didn't like the art. But Issues 4 and 5 were just boring and kinda dumb. Logan is dead, so Ororo grieves - by heading to Yukio and getting into a dumb fight in an underground criminal organization. I don't feel her grief at all, Storm just seems to rush into this fight for no reason, and the resolution is just plain ridiculous. It's truly a shame because I thought that the series started out incredibly strong with issues 1 and 2 (and even the story of 3).

Issues 4 and 5 drag this trade down to 3 stars. Not sure I want to continue to follow this character, to be honest.