This was written by Rucka? Really?

Veil - Greg Rucka, Toni Fejzula

Bullet Review:

Rucka Fan-Girl here. This was probably one of the most disappointing Rucka reads, just because I felt like I've read this story or seen a form of this story at least 67 times before.

Amnesiac Girl? Check.

Appears nude in a subway? Check.

Supernatural powers? Check.

Woman has to avoid being raped/sexually assaulted multiple times? Double check!

It's not inherently bad, per se, and I do like Rucka's pro-woman message (I feel that Veil is a more pro-active, empowered woman than most females in her shoes would be), but this is not of the caliber I've come to expect of Rucka. I doubt I'll pursue the rest of these - unless my coworker decides to lend them.