Sure it's flawed - but I loved it anyway!

The Astronaut Wives Club - Lily Koppel

Bullet Review:


What I hated: how short it was and how much it skipped over. I realize that this is probably from interviews done many years after the events, but I felt many missions (such as the infamous Apollo 13) were glosses over.

What I loved: everything else! It's all about these incredible diverse women trying to pretend to be the perfect 50's housewife under the scrutiny of the media. Real Housewives? Eat your heart out! Oh, yeah, and these women DONT have to women-hate each other either.

I particularly loved the end where the women, split up from their men, come together for community with these other women. Truly, the space race would have gone NOWHERE without women like Louise, Annie, Rene and Betty (I HEART BETTY!!).

(I don't typically address other reviews but this one has quite a few 1- and 2- stars that I feel I must. 1) I do get that the writing style is weird. I found it weird too - talking about one thing then suddenly saying that "Sputnik" means "Traveler". Weird. But honestly, I got so absorbed, it fled into the background. 2) No citations. This likewise bugs me - but the author hints that she may have done interviews which is why you don't see a bibliography. These women's stories have been shut up for years; I wouldn't be surprised if this is the first and only book about them.)