Star Wars: Dawn of the Jedi, Vol. 2 — Prisoner of Bogan - John Ostrander

Bullet Reviews:

I'm torn between thinking this is better than the previous volume and wanting to bash my head in from the ENDLESS narration. Paragraphs upon paragraphs that were a) not necessary or b) could have been rephrased into dialogue or c) shown in the kriffing art.

And then there are lines like:

"But Jake and Bel...?"

"...are safe on Kalimar. Rori and I are on Nox. We found Lok and Xesh, but they grabbed Shae and took off."

that absolutely lose me. Can we please include more jumbles of letters standing in for names and places that are barely distinguishable? Good grief!!

Characters have a bit more chance to stand out (such as the fascinating Lok and Hawk Ryo), but really, with this many, it's hard to tell them apart. The story isn't half bad, though I'm pretty sure I've seen something similar before. Artwork is standard. Not the most amazing, unique I've ever seen, but not godawful either. And at least I could tell characters apart.

What could be the worst bit is Shae Stupid Pants and her amazing pants with holes instead of pockets. Because yeah, that's practical.

Yeah, it TOTALLY makes sense for me to expose my hips! Who needs those kriffing pockets anyway?!

Not bad, but I'm even less sure about continuing the series. Yes, the time period is fun, but if we are going to have this many characters (and one with stupid choice in clothing) and not a strong enough story, I'm probably going to have to bail.