Captain Marvel, Vol. 2: Down - Kelly Sue DeConnick, Christopher Sebela, Dexter Soy, Filipe Andrade Bullet Reviews

I don't think this was as good as the first volume, but ultimately, I still loved it. Carol Danvers rocks, and new characters like Monica Rambeau, Wendy, and Spider Woman (not "new" as in "new to Marvel", "new" as in "new to this series") need to appear more often. This is far more episodic, but I think that works to the comic's favor.

Now the art for issues 9 - 12 - that gives me mixed feelings. On one hand, it's evocative and crude, forcing you to focus on the movement and feelings instead of the pretty pictures. On the other hand, why does every character wearing a coat look like a blimp?

Regardless, love this comic. Carol Danvers as Captain Marvel is my goddess and probably my favorite superhero.