Birds of Prey, Vol. 1: Trouble in Mind - Duane Swierczynski, Jesus Saiz Probably more like a 3.5 stars.

Birds of Prey sees four female superheroes - Black Canary (Dinah), Starling (Evelyn), Katana (Tatsu), and Poison Ivy (Pam) - team up to solve a crime. It seems that someone named Choke is able to control a person's mind, turn them into anything from a silent radio to a human bomb. Occasionally Batgirl joins them to help them out.

I liked the actual characters for the most part (even if I felt that Batgirl's appearances were just to show off Batgirl, not because Batgirl had special skills that were needed), but I found myself frequently confused by the chain of events that happened. You could blame it on Choke, how he can control memories, which is why so many of these characters experience things they forget. Maybe I'm just dumb, but there were times when I wasn't sure what had happened before or where we were going. And even though there were the cheesy explanation dumps to fill us in on what happened, I actually needed them to fill in the big holes in my mind.

Artwork is mostly good; there were a few confusing panels and some of the cover spreads seemed more focus on putting our heroines in butt-boobs poses than to make them look like crime fighters. One of the more confusing sequences involves Evelyn driving an airport cart. In one panel, Canary jumps towards, I guess, the cart Evelyn is driving. The next page of panels show Evelyn dodging security. The big spread on the next page show suddenly Canary sitting next to Evelyn as they blast through the windows in the cart. How did Canary appear in the cart?

I may have been confused by this comic, but I still rather enjoyed it. I don't know if I'll take the cliffhanger bait, but I definitely am not completely turned off this series.