READ STATUS: DNF (Did Not Finish)

LAST PAGE READ: 10%, end of Chapter 3

SUNMARY: Mackenzie flees a mysterious guy and takes up a job bartending where nick is the owner and Jackson is the sexy investigator that patrons the bar. Nick thinks Mackenzie may have a secret - she is a shifter.

REASONS FOR DNF: This book is clearly paranormal romance and not urban fantasy. Reviewer is willing to read new genres, but this book was filled with cliches. Pace was slow, too many questions, not enough paranormal or romance.

X Woman Running Away from Tragic Past/Ex-Boyfriend
X Woman Gets a Bartending Job and Conveniently Has Bartending Experience
X Everyone at the Bar Loves Her Immediately
X Heroine is a curvy woman with "lustrous hair"
X Hero Watches Heroine's Apt to Make Sure She Is Safe
X Bar Owner Has Talk with Heroine Almost Exclusively about Hero and How Hot He Is
X Hero's Partner Talks with Hero Almost Exclusively about Heroine and How Much of a Lady Killer He Is
X Hero nicknames Heroine Without Her Permission
X Hero Vows Not to Ever Get Married (But Will Likely Change by the End of the Story)
X Heroine Infodumps Sally Sob Story
X Heroine Is an Orphan
X Heroine Was Adopted
X Heroine Is Afraid of Her Own Shadow
X Heroine Must Be Protected by Hero
X Heroine Hopes to Dream of Hero After Talking to Him Once


From Mackenzie's POV about Jackson, first meeting: "Something about his eyes made her want to trust him, made her long to tell him everything that had happened."

From Jackson's POV after he escorted Mackenzie to Nick's conveniently empty apartment: "What wouldn’t be so easy to settle was why Jackson could still remember the striking cobalt shade of her eyes, or the way [Mackenzie] moved like the same gravity that affected everyone else couldn’t quite reach her."

A gentle knock woke Mackenzie, jerking her rather unpleasantly from a dream about Jackson and his strong arms."

"It seemed like it had been forever since [Mackenzie]’d laughed as easily as she had in the last few days."

"Maybe, if [Mackenzie] was lucky, she could drift back to sleep and dream of Jackson Holt and his beautiful eyes again." (BTW, this last quote at 10% after our hero and heroine have had exactly ONE conversation is what made me throw in the towel.)

ASSESSMENT: People who are looking for more romance and don't mind the common romance tropes will enjoy this. People who are looking for more urban fantasy or a unique, compelling romance will be bored stiff.