The Audition (Seraphina, #0.5) - Rachel Hartman This is a short prequel focusing on Seraphina Dombegh's audition for the position of assistant music director at the castle.

If you are even considering readiing Seraphina, I highly recommend this first. I felt it was a great introduction to the characters, to the world, without all the build-up you see in "Seraphina" (which could very easily scare you away before you even get to the good stuff). But no worries for people who are already familiar with the world; I found the story different and interesting, giving the characters new things to do (and expanding my knowledge of them--Princess Glisselda is always challenging my putting her in a box!) and new insights. And the writing was pleasant; quick and brisk, light-hearted and upbeat.

An enjoyable, delightful read, and since it's free and takes maybe 15 minutes to read, definitely not a waste of money or time to check out, I recommend checking it out, see if you like and are interested in "Seraphina".