A Fish Out of Water - Helen Palmer Geisel, P.D. Eastman From an adult's perspective, this book is absolutely ridiculous. Feeding a fish too much causes him to grow to an obscene size within hours? I'm sure that is probably what made my parents laugh uncontrollably as they read this to me.

So why do I adore this book? Well, slap me around and call me nostalgic, but Dad read this to me. He had some of the greatest voices when reading this book, and I have so many fond memories of me and my sis sitting on either side of him as he would wail, "WHY DID I FEED MY FISH TOO MUCH?"

At the very least, in a humorous way, it tries to teach children to be responsible and listen the first time, particularly when caring for pets. Mostly, though, it's goofy and funny and light-hearted. And I love it :)