Ultimates: Super-Human 1 - Mark Millar, Brian Hitch When it comes to classic comic book characters, I'm such a n00b, it's not funny. So I'm not going to do a real review of this, just a few notes.

Excellent comic book for those who adored The Avengers movie, but have never read a comic book about Captain America, the Hulk, Iron Man or any of the other "classic" Marvel superheroes. AKA me.

Story: Very nice. Good pacing, interesting story. I had no trouble jumping in, with my only knowledge of these characters from the movie(s).

Characters: Funny and genuine. I wish there were more females and females in a positive light, but I guess I should be happy that there are women in this.

Art: Beautiful. Little to no trouble following the panels. (Though there is an odd two page spread of the Hulk that is spread across the front and back of same page.)

Action: Well done. There is a flow, a sense of cohesion between panels, beyond just showing Captain America in one cool pose after another.

Excellent graphic novel that I had trouble putting down. Can't wait for Volume 2!