Sex and the Kitty: A Celebrity Meowmoir - Nancy the Cat This kitty is going places!

Checklist for People Who Would Like Reading This Book:

1. Do you like cats?

2. Do currently own a cat or cats or have you owned one or more in the past?

3. Do you like tongue-in-cheek humor?

4. Do you have an active imagination?

If you said "yes" to the above, then I think you will love this book!

Nancy the Cat chronicles her life from a small kitten with her mother to living with her owners and the "little people" to her adventures hitching rides and finding fame.

I adored this book to pieces. I happen to own a little black kitty of my own (Emma, in case you were curious), and I couldn't help but be charmed by Nancy.

I was impressed with Nancy's writing. Her writing is very nice and clean, and it is obvious she is gifted in this area. I loved how witty she could be, and her writing was exactly how I imagine Emma and other cats to speak.

The story is cute and charming. I loved reading about Nancy's life, her insight into birds (positively hilarious!), and most definitely her adventures in finding fame. Although I will admit, I found it strange how few people in the memoir appeared surprised that Nancy was writing a blog and such. If my cat, Emma, suddenly made up her own blog and Facebook page, I would be a little surprised and would probably want to sit down and talk with her (though, knowing cats, that might be a bit challenging--they are very opinionated and all!).

Nancy paints the other characters in the book well. I was particularly touched at the Nancy/Murphy subplot (Note to Nancy: Don't be surprised when shipping fanfiction appears!). It's a subplot we've seen a bajillion times, but Nancy writes it so well, so honestly, so realistically that I didn't roll my eyes and groan. Instead, I had to blink back tears, it was so charming.

If there is any other complaint, it would be: it's too short! I want more Nancy! Hopefully, she will be following this meowmoir up in a few years with another one.

I had so much fun reading about Nancy's life and am glad she shared a piece of herself with me. I wish her luck and encourage all cat lovers out there to take a peek at her debut meowmoir. It's purr-fect.