Force Heretic III: Reunion (Star Wars: The New Jedi Order, Book 17) - Sean Williams;Shane Dix This "story" took three books to tell?!

Luke and gang find Zonoma Sekot and try to convince it to join the cause. Leia and Han and gang get a warning that the communication stations with the Unknown regions are under attack. Tahiri still fights against her inner battle.

NOTE: Based on audiobook and novel.


Uh, sorry, you woke me up. I just finished listening to "Reunion" on audiobook, and, boy, was I bored. The last two books (specfically "Refugee") made me varying degrees of p!ssed off, which at least made the listening entertaining. This book...pah, it barely registered.

After two books of poking around the galaxy, Luke finds Zonoma Sekot. Apparently, all Mara had to do was use her super Force Navigator ability to find the damn planet. Nice to know. And why couldn't she do this back in "Remnant", thus saving us a lot of wasted time? Then our characters prowl around on Zonoma Sekot, meet up with grumpy Ferreoans (sp?), and generally have to beg, plead, and cajole Sekot into joining the cause against the Yuuzhan Vong. There is something about the magistrar being kidnapped, along with worthless Danni Quee, and of course, Jacen reverts back to his pre-Vergere "I don't know what to do with my life, I'm a pacifist, don't fight, all aggression is equal" crap. Kid, you've had plenty of time to "figure it out". You "figured it out" in "Traitor". Quit changing your frakkin' mind! But really, the resolution of this trilogy spanning story is boring, and really is nothing more "We found Zonoma Sekot, what do we do with it?"

Back to Han, Leia, and all them. They do their trivial mission, Tahiri gets locked in her mind and must bind her two selves. This part is great, well done, very good, and definitely the highlight and only reason to drudge through all three books (though I would NOT recommend it, even for that reason). Dragging Jaina into Tahiri's mind only to get stuck there and comatose? Not so much. Let her be a pilot, quit making her a damsel in distress. Then, oh, nos! The Yuuzhan Vong are attacking the ONLY COMMUNICATION STATION to the Unknown Region where Luke and Mara are, and GOD FORBID we lose contact with them ever, so we'd better travel across the galaxy and to hell with the people who are DYING, Luke and Mara are more important! But don't worry, it's just another relatively boring, Bantam era mission (though I must admit, the aliens were pretty cool) where Han and Leia save the day with a wriggle of her nose and quick moves with the Falcon (with the help of Paelleon, who decided to hop on by for tea??? What is with this?). *YAWN*

Droma returns with his Invincible All-Knowing Ryn Network, because isn't that so cool? No, I didn't find him cool in "Hero's Trial", I didn't find the Ryn Network "cool" in "Remnant", and having BOTH in this book make me have heartburn. Please, Droma, go back into your corner of the galaxy and just die.

Given what actually happens in these books, I still am puzzled that THIS was the story that had to take place over a trilogy. Why? Why couldn't we have one book where Zonoma Sekot is found and the Imperials brought into the Galactic Alliance? It would have been easy, and the other two books could have been written by someone that can write, like Greg Keyes, Matthew Stover, or almost anyone other than Shane Dix and Sean Williams (who, for some odd reason, is STILL writing Star Wars fanfic--I MEAN!!). If you absolutely have to know what happens, skip "Remnant" and "Refugee" and read only this book. Otherwise, do not bother at all.