The Awakening - Kelley Armstrong “We're Frankenstein monsters—failed Frankenstein monsters”
When we ended The Summoning, Chloe Saunders and Rachelle “Rae” Rogers had been apprehended by Lauren, Chloe's aunt, and turned into the Edison Group, under lock and key. Inside the Edison Group, Chloe has to find a way out. But in the mean time, she learns that she, Rae, Victoria “Tori” Enright, Derek Souza and Simon Bae were actually part of a genetic experiment to control supernatural powers—and if any of them become unmanageable, they end up like Elizabeth “Liz” Delaney—dead. Chloe has to find an escape, find the boys, and stay one step ahead of the Edison Group before it's too late.

I Liked:
It's hard to follow up such an amazing novel like The Summoning, but Kelley Armstrong does it and magnificently. This is exactly the type of novel that gets my heart racing and would have done so when I was a teen too.
Firstly, characters. Chloe is still amazing. Savvy, intelligent, yet she has her weaknesses. She gets into scrapes but not because she's stupid (that would be Tori). She is clever, keeps her wits, but will still scream if a zombie is crawling up her body, even while trying desperately to rectify her mistake.
Tori gets way more character this time around. It's hard not to develop a sort of fondness for the girl. She's abused by her mother and has no one to turn to. She may be prettier and wealthier, but she lacks sometimes the wits to keep from getting into scrapes. She tries to come off independent and better than Chloe, but in the mean time, she appears like a whiny brat. But the heart-warming part was when Tori sets herself aside for a moment to comfort Chloe over Chloe's bad hair dye. Tori and Chloe may be at each other's throats at times, but Chloe will always look out for Tori, and Tori knows and appreciates it.
The boys are also getting more interesting, especially with the hints of a romance with Chloe. Derek, the “ugly” boy with acne, is definitely my favorite for her. I think Derek and Chloe have great chemistry. Sure, he's a rude brute, but Chloe doesn't take it. She dishes it right back and makes him treat her like a human. And this time around, we see how much Derek appreciates Chloe's presence, particularly when shifting. He comes to her aid more than enough to make us realize he has something for her. As for Simon, our upbeat sorcerer continues to shine, even if he, of all the runaways, has the least screen time.
The story again is fabulous. Instead of rehashing The Summoning, Armstrong takes us to the next stage: fugitives. It was great to see the kids on the run, surviving by their sense and their willingness to stick together. Also, a hint of the light at the end of the tunnel appears with a traitor giving them aid and finding Andrew Carson. There are a few questions that appear (won't go into specifics so as not to spoil), but I think they are good questions, leading to a grand finale.
As for writing, I loved the humor, Chloe's references to movies (which sometimes made me laugh!), and the atmosphere.

I Didn't Like:
I have only one complaint. This time around, we have to endure quite a bit of both Simon and Derek gushing over Chloe. “How is Chloe's arm?” “Is Chloe tired?” “Chloe needs some rest/food/clothes...” That might not be a problem, but this is at the expense of Tori. Tori is often told to shut up, ignored, or told how useless she is. Starting to smart of a Mary Sue, if you ask me.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
All alluded to, and tastefully.
Chloe's heart skips a beat when she's holding hands with one of the boys. Dr. Davidoff had a thing for Rae's mom.
Chloe can raise the dead, which means zombies. That said, I didn't think the descriptions were too gruesome and were mostly left for the imagination. The kids are also shot at, encounter a girls' gang, and redneck werewolves.

The Awakening is a superb sequel. I was enthralled, entertained and unable to put the book down. I love the characters, I love the story, and I love the tone—light with a dark edge. For urban fantasy lovers, don't forget to add this to your reading list!!