The Summoning - Kelley Armstrong “I guess the irony is that, the whole time I was dreaming of a normal life, I already had one...”
Chloe Saunders had a fairly normal life. High school, Dad, Aunt Lauren, friends, the usual. Sure, she went to an art high school, hasn't quite hit puberty, and has a father who travels a lot, but nothing really out of the ordinary—until she sees her first ghost. She is then sent to Lyle House, a teen group home. But she quickly learns that something is up; she still sees ghosts and her other companions have their own quirks. What is going on in this place?

I Liked:
EVERYTHING! From page one til page 390, I couldn't put it down, reading until late at night, staring longingly at it while at work, even sneaking peeks at it while at stoplights!
Firstly, our protagonist Chloe Saunders rocks. She is a brilliant girl, an excellent combination of smarts and independence with clumsiness and awkwardness. She lost her mother, but you don't see her griping about it. Her dad jet sets a lot, but Chloe doesn't resent him. She reacts to her surroundings, to her gradual discovery of the events with pure realism: shock, denial, anger, but not in too great of quantities that the book sags with her vacillations.
The other characters proved to be interesting. While at Lyle House, Chloe meets Simon, his adopted brother, Derek, Rachelle “Rae”, Victoria “Tori”, and Liz. Each teenager is interesting, new, and likeable—even the rude ones, like Derek and Tori. Simon bucks the “Smart Asian” stereotype. He's pleasant, a nice balance to his rude, acne-covered (yes, our characters actually LOOK like teeangers!!) brother, Derek. Derek is abrasive, yet there is something intriguing about him, making you want to learn more. Rachelle is a sweet girl, and she handles her situation so well (the reason she is there is kinda sad). Tori is the resident b****, but Armstrong wrote her so that I felt sympathy for her, instead of hatred.
I said earlier that I had a hard time putting it down. That's because Armstrong wrote such a darn good book! It was so interesting, from Chloe arriving at Lyle House and slowly learning about the others, to her seeing ghosts, how it became more and more clear that the adults were hiding something. And the end is pulse pounding, edge of your seat, don't set it down til you finish it, read it all in one night! That is what I am always looking for in a book, that sort of adrenaline rush, and Armstrong more than delivers, even deliciously ending the story at something of a cliffhanging. Thank God I have book two!!
With all the werewolves, vampires, witches, wizards, and the like, Armstrong has a tough job making hers stand out. I've heard this is an extension of her adult series (haven't read it, but seeing how good this is, I am so putting it on my reading list!), and I've liked the world she's created. Of course, this is just the beginning and Chloe is only starting to get involved. However, I do like the setup and can't wait to learn more!

I Didn't Like:
So minimal, it's insane.
Some transitions were a little unclear. For example, Derek and Chloe are outside, taking a walk, and after the section break, Chloe is all of a sudden being awakened from bed.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Mild. Aunt Lauren almost uses the f-word, but she rephrases. Same with most other curses. Tori calls Chloe a b****, and I think Chloe said either da** or crap.
Dr. Gill and the nurses stumble upon Derek and Chloe in the crawl space and assume they've been making out. Chloe tries to use this later on as a diversion.
Chloe wonders if Liz is killed. Chloe watches a ghost commit suicide over and over.

This is an amazing book! People who diss teen lit (and I used to be one of those) are totally off their rocker. I read this book in a few days, and only that long because I work. Great for teens (I would have fallen in love with this as a teenager) and excellent for adults.