Solo Command - Aaron Allston “Zsinj…kiss my Wookiee!”
The Wraiths grow ever closer to destroying Warlord Zsinj’s diabolical reign of terror. But when it appears Twi’Leks and other species are sabotaging the inner workings of the New Republic, the Wraiths realize this could mean the end of the New Republic. So Han Solo, the Rogues, and the Wraiths team up to figure out what is wrong…and how to send Zsinj back from where he came.

I Liked:
I really enjoyed how Allston pulled out Han and Chewie and tied them into the Wraith’s quest against Zsinj. And Allston portrays Han perfectly (the review title may not be exactly what Han says, but it is the essence of what he tells Zsinj).
I love how Allston brings up Baron Fell and how Wedge’s sister is married to him. This gives Wedge great character—a loving brother.
Also, I thought it was smart how Allston mentions the alien segregation will tear apart the New Republic, destroy all its ideals. And the Millennium Falsehood was a neat ploy.
And then, we have humor. The Ewok pilot returns for a humorous crescendo.

I Didn’t Like:
I didn’t like Lara Notsil in the last book, and I certainly don’t like her here. There is too much time spent on her and her “story” (“Oh, I was an Imperial for years, but I became a Wraith and I mean it, why don’t you believe me?”) almost to the extent where the book should have been renamed: “Lara Command”. And then how everyone “believes” her when she sends a message saying that she is working near Zsinj to help the Wraiths…oh, please.
Again, the audiobook makes this novel particularly confusing. I felt like there were some scenes missing that would have made things easier to understand.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Star Wars curse words or mild da** & he**.
The Wraith pilots pair up.
Dogfights are common (duh, it’s an X-Wing novel).

A decent “prequel” to the Courtship of Princess Leia, I found myself confused and disgusted at some of the characters. Still a lot better than many of the other Star Wars novels from this period.