Mercy Thompson:  Homecoming - David Lawrence, Francis Tsai, Amelia Woo, Patricia Briggs "Would you like fries with that, sir?"
Mercedes "Mercy" Thompson is out to Tri-Cities to get a teaching position. But when the interview fails, Mercy is lost. She doesn't want to return home to her mother, people are telling her to leave right and left, and she is smack-dab in the middle of a wolf gang power play.
The story is absolutely brilliant. I've noticed I tend to find comics "confusing" or "convoluted", but this one was straight-forward, no hiding behind bushes, no hidden secrets, nothing. It told the interesting story of how Mercy arrived in Tri-Cities, and since I had just finished [[ASIN:0441019277 Moon Called]], I found this very enlightening and enjoyable.
Mercy is the same quick-witted, down-to-earth woman she was in the novel. I love how she is the perfect balance of so many contrasts: caring, yet independent, girly, yet capable with machines, brave, yet never too proud to admit she is afraid. Mercy is truly a character that I can associate and root for.
The other characters are great. I loved seeing Adam's first appearance, Stefan is exactly as I expected, and Zee was really interesting (I was not expecting to like him!). They all intertwined well into the story, were their own characters, yet didn't overshadow the protagonist, Mercy.
Now, speaking about the graphic novel: the art is kinda odd in places. BUT! I love how Stefan and Zee were drawn. Absolutely perfect and just as I imagined! Mercy was well-done (though I still love her portrayal on the cover of this graphic novel best), Adam was good, and Darryl was totally not what I was expecting...but in a good way. Also, unlike with [[ASIN:0785140212 Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures]], the panels aren't cluttered with unnecessary "Mercy text". Yeah, Anita Blake was taken from a novel and the second volume fixed some of that problem, but this comic definitely let the action, the art, the panels speak for themselves. Nice clean drawings, good action, nice shifting from human to coyote/wolf.
Other than some odd art, the only real complaint I have is that this is a quick read. It *maybe* took me two hours to read, and I am a slow reader.
All in all, I loved this graphic novel and highly recommend to those who want to know how Mercy arrived in Tri Cities.