Moon Called - Patricia Briggs Vampires, Werewolves, and Skinwalkers: All in a day's work
Mercedes “Mercy” Thompson runs a mechanic shop in the Tri-Cities area. Life is pretty ho-hum until Mac, a 16-year old werewolf, appears asking for a job. Mercy agree and slowly gets sucked into a plot that involves her sexy neighbor, Adam, Alpha Wolf, and her ex-boyfriend, Samuel.

I Liked:
Mercy Thompson is rad! I love how down-to-earth she is, how there really isn't a whole lot special about her, even when there is something special about her (her skinwalking ability). She was a fascinating character, funny, witty, sympathetic, and enjoyable.
I also found myself fond of other characters, something that can be a little more challenging in books written from the first person point of view. Jesse was really quirky and fun; I liked how Tony didn't end up being one of Mercy's harem (at first, I thought he would); Warren was a very cool addition to the urban fantasy realm (a gay werewolf? Might sound odd, but Briggs does a beautiful job); Adam was charming and arrogant (and even made me want to smack him some times!); Samuel is sweet and endearing.
The story is very interesting, starting with a trivial incident (Mac working for Mercy), and then continuously building as it progresses. Coupled with this, Briggs does a marvelous job introducing us to her new urban fantasy world. Besides the obvious vampires and werewolves, she also introduces witches and fae, such as Zee. I thought that was really cool, as was her description of their being discriminated against.

I Didn't Like:
There is a lot of setup, as is expected from a first novel. All the characters have to be introduced, which ends up being time-consuming and a little confusing.
The end battle and the “who-dunnit” were both a little weak. The end battle felt a little confusing, disjointed, while I still am grappling with understand why “X” did “Y”.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Very tame. Da** and he**, but the worst words (f-bombs) are tastefully censored.
Jesse is held by abusive male captors (no explicit scenes, but there is a hint that something bad might have happened). Mercy meets up with her ex-boyfriend, whom she at one point was going to run away with. Again, this is VERY tame for this genre.
Mercy ends up attacking a werewolf who bleeds out. Adam is attacked and shot with tranquilizers. The final big battle ends up with some characters dead.

My biggest forays into Urban Fantasy have been the Twilight novels. I've been interested in other vampire-ish novels, but I'd heard so much about this series, I had to check it out. And am I glad! Mercy Thompson is a delightful protagonist, independent, strong-willed, and yet not so abrasive that you don't root for her. This book has made me 100% more interested in werewolves, and I am most definitely buying the rest of this series.