Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures, Volume 2 - Laurell K. Hamilton, Jessica Ruffner, Brett Booth, Ron Lim The plot thickens. Anita and Phillip, boy toy from the vampire club, Guilty Pleasures, are at a freak party, where people imitate vampires. But her investigation may be found out. And an almost failed zombie raising has Anita asking a lot of questions.
This novel was a good improvement over the last volume, Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter: Guilty Pleasures, Vol. 1 . The art is much better: Anita's hair doesn't threaten to dominate her features, the pouty, doe-eyed looked is much diminished and the thunder-thigh syndrome is gone (mostly). The artwork is definitely NOT as distracting and noticeable in a bad way as it was last time.
Also, graphic novel wise, the blocks of "Anita text" is drastically cut back, thanks probably to Jess Ruffner-Booth, who does a MUCH better job of adapting. She does include "Anita text" (aka Anita's thoughts, in rectangular blocks), but she lets the art and the dialogue do more of the telling--something that was sorely lacking in Volume 1.
I also found myself more interested in the characters. Anita is shown doing a zombie raising, which was really neat. I also liked how she teamed up with Edward and Ronnie. In fact, Ronnie was a pretty darn cool character that I look forward to seeing more of.
As for the story...I still found it nearly incomprehensible. I don't quite understand the whole point of the freak party, especially since Anita was willing to leave in a heartbeat (weren't you supposed to be investigating?). Also, she just happens to stumble upon a zombie raising? Whose zombie? Why? Why did someone try to kill her at the church? Why did Nikolaos beat up Phillip? I have so many questions about what happened in the book and how Anita discovered the vampire murderer, it almost negates the cool aspects (the art, Anita kicking @ss, etc.). Perhaps this was because it was a graphic novel, but still, it ought to have been a little more clear to the reader.
After Volume 1, I was half tempted to not even bother reading the novel, Guilty Pleasures. While Volume 2 is hardly much better (other than art and adaptation), I did get a new interest in the novel and perhaps [some] of the series. Plus, I really want to understand what the whole point was. If you've read 1, 2 is definitely necessary.