The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time - Mark Haddon Christopher Boone is a teenager (with autism/Asperger's) who lives with his single dad. His idiosyncratic life, ruled by structure and math(s), continues until he discovers death of his neighbor's dog, Wellington. Encouraged by his teacher to write a story, he begins to investigate the dog's death.
NOTE: Listened to audiobook.

I Liked:
From the first words, I was hooked. The first person viewpoint is used phenomenally well. I felt I was inside Christopher's head, thinking his thoughts, feeling his feelings; and I grew to understand his frustration with society, how he perceived society, and his fascination with numbers and space. Christopher literally lept from the pages to me, and I connected with him on a deep level. So kudos to Haddon, for writing such a moving character!
I have little knowledge of autism/Asperger's, but from what I read, Christopher seems very realistic. What I loved most, though, was despite his autism, he did have feelings, he was scared, excited, overwhelmed, and happy. Too often, we see these stereotyped portrayals of autistic children, and it's disturbing. Again, I don't have a lot of knowledge of the subject, so maybe I was off, but I think that the goal, to humanize those with autism, was accomplished.
Haddon also paints some realistic people around Christopher, from his teacher (don't know how to spell her name!), to his mother, to his father, to his neighbors, and so on. I loved his father's sacrificial nature, his mother's selfishness (or was she selfish??), the guiding help of the teacher, and so on.
Based on the title, you would think the book is merely a mystery, and while there is a mystery that instigates it, it is far more than a mystery. It's about a boy learning of his parents. I won't spoil it (though maybe it's not a spoiler?), but the end outcome really made me think about the main characters and was so-and-so REALLY "bad" and was so-and-so justified for doing this and so on.

I Didn't Like:
There is not much to dislike about this book. However, I was a tad confused at one point. Basically, the dog is killed, flashback, and then modern day. By that point, I had forgotten that the mother wasn't living anymore, so I was confused. This was easy to clear up.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Sh**, f-bombs, and at least one instance of the c-word. All (to my knowledge) are spoken by adults or related from Christopher as spoken by adults.

I borrowed this audiobook; I say this because, now that I've listened to it, I am going to buy a copy of this book for myself!! Yes, this book is that good! I really enjoyed the insightful look into Christopher and his moving journey into investigating. I highly recommend.