The Bacta War - Michael A. Stackpole Rogue Squadron goes rogue
After the events of The Krytos Trap, the Rogues were in a sticky position: let Ysanne Isard have control of Thyferra and the galaxy’s supply of bacta (which would cure the deadly Krytos virus) or leave the New Republic and go after her. Being Rogues, Wedge, Tycho, Corran, and the others leave their post and begin to plan a way to release Thyferra from Imperial rule.
NOTE: Based on audiobook and novel.

I Liked:
It’s nice to see the pilots of Rogue Squadron have to fight with their brains instead of overwhelming firepower. The story of this book is unique. Instead of working with the New Republic, the Rogues have to leave in order to defeat the Empire (which is very different than how most authors tend to paint the New Republic, as the rosy-posy, goody-two-shoes, nearly utopian government).
Stackpole continues to please me by including continuity nods to Zahn’s trilogy among others. I was particularly pleased to see mentions to Outbound Flight, the Katana fleet, Winter, and even Talon Karrde! And speaking of Winter and Karrde, Stackpole writes them brilliantly, just as I think Zahn would want.
Corran Horn gets some growth: relationally and in the Force. I really liked to see how he tried and failed to use the Force (after Luke asked Corran to join his Academy).

I Didn’t Like:
I wasn’t too fond of how much recapping occurred in this book. The first 15min of the audiobook (which is only 180 min long) was basically a recap of the previous book. I don’t recall so much recap from the previous books (even The Krytos Trap, in which Corran was captured), and I don’t really feel it is necessary.
Also, Isard is reduced to the Cackling Villain variety, a variety I loathe. She could be really good, but all she does is talk about how she will destroy the Rebel Alliance and the Empire will rise again. A shame. Our other villain, Vorru, isn’t so bad, but he really doesn’t have as much power as he likes to think. And Kirtan Loor, the villain I really liked, is gone.
Lastly, I just had trouble getting involved in the story. It wasn’t boring, it wasn’t terribly written, it’s just after the info-dump and the recap, I found myself unengaged.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Star Wars curse words.
Mirax and Corran consummate their love off-screen.
Dogfights galore. Corran also unintentionally starts a fight while trying to use a Jedi Mind Trick.

The Bacta War wraps up many things in the X-Wing line: the Rogue Squadron’s story, Ysanne Isard’s flee from Coruscant, the Krytos virus arc, and Stackpole’s four book run (though he would return to X-Wing in “Isard’s Revenge”). It was a decent novel, but I just couldn’t seem to get interested in it. I’m rounding to 4 because it might have been A) the audiobook (the narrator uses some annoying voices for the women and an odd Scottish accent for Wedge), B) my mood, or C) being distracted.