The Krytos Trap (Star Wars: X-Wing Series, Book 3) - Michael A. Stackpole "Great risk is necessary to defeat great evil"
Corran is captured in Isard's feared Lusankya. Tycho Celchu is being convicted of Corran's murder and treason. And the Krytos Virus, a deadly virus that affects only non-humans, threatens to destroy the New Republic. Will Corran return? Will Tycho be released of charges? And can the New Republic get enough bacta to reverse the affects of the virus?
NOTE: Based on audiobook and novel.

I Liked:
This has to be my most favorite of the X-Wing novels. It has everything I love in books: torture, trials, insidious villains, smart plots, and daring heroics!
Firstly, I loved the trial of Tycho Celchu. It was an awesome way of bringing Law & Order into Star Wars and to show off Nawara Ven's skills as an attorney. Plus, we don't know...maybe Tycho *is* the bad guy!
Wedge and Iella have a nice little romance blossoming, one that puts to shame the "romance" between Wedge and Qui Xux. I thought it was a very interesting development, how Iella was married and how he returned.
Corran's capture on Lusankya was also very well done. I've read some bad torture sequences or ones that just don't have me buying it, but this one was interesting. We learn more about Corran and see how he really knows nothing of importance (something that made me chuckle: too often, an author tends to make his/her pet character the best at everything, so this is one thing that Corran lacks). I loved Corran's escape, the reintroduction of Jan Dodonna, and how Corran learns about his Jedi Medallion. Stackpole adds to the Jedi lore, and I thought he did a great job. Sure, it "conflicts" with recent materials, but how was Stackpole supposed to know that back in 1996?
Stackpole also makes some really great, memorable villains. Kirtan Loor is a favorite, obviously, and I liked how he gets himself worked into a corner. Moff Flurry Vorru is really getting interesting in my eyes, starting out ingratiating himself to the New Republic, who freed him, but is slowly worming his way into his own agenda. Even Isard is getting a little more backbone and creepiness. Her releasing of the Krytos Virus to bring down the New Republic is very deft and interesting. This novel is a good example of a well-done bio-weapon.

I Didn't Like:
Lord, this is a hard one.
Dogfights continue to be challenging to work through. The mourning ceremony for Corran was a bit cringe-inducing (random pilot #46886 gets a big, fancy ceremony?).

Dialogue/Sexual Situation/Violence:
Same as the previous.
The Bothan pilot (can't remember her name) has a relationship with Gavin Darklighter. Wedge has feelings for Iella. Erisi has the hots for Corran.

This novel is pure brilliance. Great characters, great action, great story. The characters grew and developed, the story handled the well-worn bioweapon/superweapon plot well, and we get to learn more about Jedi! 5 brilliant stars.