Wedge's Gamble (Star Wars: X-Wing Series, Book 2) - Michael A. Stackpole "Start boiling the water. This world is dirty and needs a bath"
Rogue Squadron has a new mission: liberate Coruscant. Wedge and a team first negotiate for the release of Black Sun prisoners on Kessel to weaken the Empire's hold. Then, they must lower the shields on Coruscant so that the Rebels may attack. But will our favorite aces succeed or will Kirtan Loor sniff them out?

I Liked:
So much to enjoy!
Now that all the characters are introduced, we can get into the full-time groove of adventure. Corran continues to be one of the primary characters, along with Wedge and Tycho. I love his budding romance with Mirax Terrick and how he insists he couldn't love her. Wedge is a lot of fun, and the case against Tycho builds as the characters learn he was a prisoner on the dreaded, Lusankya, who may have had Bror Jace's fighter shot down.
I also liked how Inyri Force, Lujayne's sister, appears, along with Iella Wessiri, Corran's partner in CorSec, and Winter. I love how Stackpole doesn't make his ladies guys with chests nor stereotypical women.
The story is so exciting! We learn about Kuati Telbuns and sympathize with their plight (they remind me of geisha or concubines); we get to see Moruth Doole's pre-Jedi Academy Trilogy Kessell; we see how Coruscant falls to the Alliance. Stackpole is great at action, great at plot, great at dogfighting.

I Didn't Like:
I don't know if I quite believe Ishard's ferocity or "scariness".
Sometimes Stackpole writes the strangest things for dialogue, such as when Corran tells Zekka Thyne that he will find those "double diamonds".

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
"Sithspawn" and other Star Wars cuss words.
Inyri is Zekka Thyne's lover. Sexual tension between Corran and Merix.
Wedge ends up with cracked ribs. Dogfights galore and of course a large battle over Coruscant.

While tertiary characters (members of Rogue Squadron) remain sketchy, I can't help but really enjoy this book! We get continuity nods (Winter, Pash Cracken, Moruth Doole), we get adventure (sneaking onto Coruscant), we have interesting bad guys (Kirtan Loor) and interesting good guys (Corran, Wedge, Tycho, Merix, and others). It's kinda hard to hate something with this brilliant combination.