Star Wars: Jango Fett: Open Seasons - Haden Blackman;Ramon F. Bachs;Raul Fernandez;Haden Blackman There was something about Boba Fett that attracted audiences as far back as his first introduction into the (reportedly) terrible Star Wars Holiday Special in 1978. That carried on into his movie debut in Empire Strikes Back. Ever since, Boba Fett has been a highly regarded character. It makes sense that his father--or better, clone source--would be as well.
Count Dooku is on the search for the perfect clone source. So he begins investigating the last of the Mandalorians: Jango Fett. Here we learn Jango Fett began his life on Concord Dawn until a splinter group form of the Mandalorians and led by Vizsla murder his family. He is taken into the shelter of the Mandalorians and raised to become the best.
I loved the art in this graphic novel. It is, without a doubt, gorgeous. Count Dooku, Jango Fett in all stages of life, and the Mandalorians are realistically drawn. Moreover, the style was perfect for the highly action packed novel.
I enjoyed the glimpses of Jango Fett's life, his father-son relation to Jaster Mereel, Count Dooku's search for the clone material, and the demise of the Mandalorians.
I felt the story was a little choppy. It seemed to strain at the edges of believability in some places (how Vizsla continued to be behind so many of the events in Jango's life--Jaster's death, Jango's parents' deaths, and the Mandalorians' deaths). It was still a great story, interesting snippets into Jango's life. A good read and solid 4 stars.