Star Wars: Boba Fett - Man with a Mission (Star Wars) - Thomas Andrews; John Ostrander; Cam Kennedy The bounty hunts of the famous Mandalorian continue! In this anthology of sorts, four stories are combined to show Fett's hunts in different eras.

"Sacrifice": Fett is sent to retrieve rebel, Yolan Bren on Solem for the Imperial Governor. But Governor Malvander finds out what happens to those who try to underpay Fett. There is some pretty nice art (not the best in the world, of course), and a really interesting plot (not your typical Imperial vs. Rebels). I liked how the authors' kept Fett's words to a minimum too. For some reason, people like to write Fett being rather talkative, but this story avoids that all together.

"Wreckage": An exiled captain orders Fett to retrieve a last momento from his love. A tear-jerker, this really touched my heart and brought a tear to my eye. The art is absolutely gorgeous (though the captain looks far too much like Wilhuff Tarkin in many of the panels). And this episode chronicled Fett's heartlessness, his lack of mercy when a man desperate to see his love cannot pay the full bounty.

"Overkill": Two lieutenants hire Fett to help end a conflagration--but Fett seems to go a little "overkill". This is an interesting story, but the plot was pretty darn confusing to me (I will have to read again, see if I can learn anymore from it). The art is a pleasant departure from the style of the first two, almost more humorous (as is the entire comic itself). And of course, it deals with Imperials in a positive limelight (for the most part), so how could I refuse?

"Agent of Doom": The Imperials hauled non-human species aboard a ship and tortured them to death. Now, the dying species is back for revenge. They connive Fett into executing Admiral Tork and his evil scientist, Dr. Murthe. The parallels between the events here and those in the Holocaust are very great, but the events are nearly unbelievable (why would the Empire spend so much money on a ship that did nothing but wear down people to kill them painfully?) The art is appropriately gritty, but wasn't exactly easy on the eyes. Not to mention, I wasn't fond of how the spokesman for the aliens basically twisted Fett's arm to do the job (pulling the "Memory of Fett" [...:] on him).

All in all, a well worth read!