Jedi Search (Star Wars: The Jedi Academy Trilogy, Vol. 1) - Kevin J. Anderson Han and Chewie are out to Kessell to win its support for the New Republic after the events of Dark Empire I (Star Wars) (I haven't actually read that comic, but I've heard a lot about it). Unfortunately, Moruth Doole has no intentions of joining and sends Han and Chewie into the spice mines, where they meet the Force sensitive, Kyp Durron. Meanwhile, Leia holds things together on Coruscant, worrying for her husband, and Luke begins his Jedi Search, finding two candidates, Gantoris and Streen.

I Liked:
Kevin J. Anderson is often castigated for his Star Wars entries, but I honestly don't see why. No, his books aren't like Zahn's, but they are still "Star Wars". Unlike my experience with Star Wars: The Truce at Bakura v. 4, I felt Anderson really got the feel of Star Wars down. The settings feel right, the characters are pretty good, and the events as well.
While the mission is kinda goofy, it is interesting to see Kessell and its place in the universe. Also, I enjoyed seeing Luke go out to find new Jedi candidates. It's really cool to see the rise of the new Jedi (especially with the knowledge of the prequels, something I didn't have when I read the book many years ago). And I can sorta stretch my imagination to believe that a Maw Installation would have been created for the super-secret construction that occurs.
The main characters are done well enough that I don't question them. Han and Chewie play a large role, and they are done well. Luke is, likewise, well done. As for minor characters, Kyp Durron is really interesting. I can see how he is almost a Luke/Han clone. It's neat, particularly knowing where he ends up in the New Jedi Order. Admiral Daala is also interesting.

I Didn't Like:
I am not sure why Kessell is such a big deal. It almost seems like a place that the New Republic would want to break down, like a drug lab, instead of ally with. And the sleazy alien who runs it...and the "scarecrow" (not a big Batman fan, but all I could think of was Crane!). Uh huh, let's ally with seedy characters. Really gives the New Republic legitimacy, eh?
The Maw Installation was interesting, but I still have no idea WHY they had to keep so quiet for so long. Weren't they wondering after a year or two why Tarkin hadn't called? Would it have been so hard to peek out and transmit a "Hey, what's up?" And the Maw Installation being so secretive that even Palpatine didn't know? Ha, got me laughing in stitches over that one.
Leia doesn't do much of anything other than wangst at home about Han being gone. She vacillates between worry and being mad (that he is "off" gambling). Then, she is shy about asking Lando and Luke to look into it. Out. Of. Character. Leia from the trilogy or from the Thrawn Trilogy would have no problem with it. In fact, she'd probably be leading the expedition. Since her kids are dumped off with Winter on the "hidden planet" and she can conveniently leave her job when the plot requires it...
Luke Skywalker is too powerful. There is a difference between a Jedi who can hold his own and a Jedi that can do everything. Look at Yoda. The guy walked around with a cane (or on a hoverchair). He wasn't perfect. He didn't smash everyone to bits. But if Luke were him, he would be using the Force to walk upside down or something crazy.
And then, his complete ignorance of Gantoris' Dark Side. For someone as powerful as Luke, he should be like, "Uh, warning! Warning!" But no, that would get rid of the story before it had even begun.
Qui Xux is the. Worst. Character. Ever. I despise her. I can't believe she exists. She is too stupid to live. Every single myth about scientists or doctors or people with intelligence is exploited in her. She is gorgeous, but also naive beyond belief. The Death Star was a mining tool? Uh, take a look at the name, girlfriend. That should be a clue. The World Devastators a roving mining colony? Girl, you need to get out more. I hadn't really liked her the first time I read, and time has definitely NOT made me more sympathetic to her. Lock her up and throw away the key.
Stereotypes like "sleazy" Twi'Leks that are only involved in crime crop up. That really torques me.
Lando's mission with the blob races is completely irrelevant and tossed in to make sure all the big guys from the movie appear. Yawn.
As for the audiobook, large chunks of Daala's history disappear (such as her affair with Tarkin) and Leia's contribution disappear (I believe there were more parts with her on Coruscant besides whining about Han). Also, the reader pronounces words incorrectly. "Bes-pin" not "Bee-spin" and "Cor-u-sant" not "Cor-u-skant". It was grating after a while.

Dialog/Sexual Situations/Violence:
A few stray d*** and h***.
Qui Xux is goregous. Of. Course.
Han, Chewie, and Kyp fight their way out of the spice mines of Kessell. The people of Eol Sha have to be moved because their planet is destroying itself.

I know I complained a lot, but the story actually isn't too bad. It's a nice Star Wars romp. I liked Han and Chewie in the spice mines (well, not being there, but their adventure there) and Luke's "Jedi Search" was pretty darn cool. No, it's not brilliant, but it was enjoyable. Read it if you are bored or have to complete the whole series.