Assault at Selonia (Star Wars: The Corellian Trilogy, Book 2) - Roger Macbride Allen The Corellian system is still in an uproar as human, Drall and Selonian all maneuver themselves to secede from the New Republic and attempt to kick out all the other aliens. Han, Leia, Mara, Chewie, and the kids are all stuck in this mess, all in different corners (Han is with his evil cousin, Thracken Sal-Solo, Leia and Mara are held hostage in Coronet house and Chewie and the kids are on Drall with Ebrihim's aunt). Meanwhile, Luke and Lando head off to Bakura to try to gather a fleet.
NOTE: I read this many years ago and recently listened to it on audiobook.

I Liked:
Roger Macbride Allen continues to show he is more than an adequate Star Wars author. The second entry into his Corellian trilogy expands upon the idea set forth in book one.
Allen introduces new memorable characters and combines them with older ones. Mara Jade has been mostly absent from EU of this time, and Allen makes the good choice to bring her back. As he did in the previous book, he writes her well (I will go out on a limb and say that Zahn would probably approve of the way Allen wrote her). Also, Allen brings back one-time love interest Gaeriel Captison (I will go out on another limb and say that Tyers would be pleased with how he wrote her). This was an excellent, excellent decision. Not only do we get to see that she did move on, have a family (something that most of the cast seems to be avoiding--yes, I am looking at you, Luke!), but we also get some nice tension between her and Luke. Of all the love interests Luke has had (and not married), this one is the one that is most interesting, most alive, and with whom he has the most chemistry. Han is well done, as is his evil cousin, Thracken (always neat to see more of Han's past). Leia is great, Luke is finally not a bumbling moron, Lando is decent (he's a hard one to get right, I've noticed), Chewie is good, the kids are really interesting, and I adore Ebrihim and his aunt (one of the only times I've ever laughed in delight when reading a Star Wars book!).
Lando's wife-hunting plot is wrapped up, which I think was a good thing overall, since it distracted from the main story. However, Tendra Risant does continue to play a part and I really like where she is going (I had liked how she and Lando hooked up in the past, and now I remember why!). Chewie is able to take the kids, Ebrihim, and his droid to Drall, where they meet his aunt and try to find a hidden artifact (and determine what the heck it is). I couldn't help but be intrigued by this, not only because I liked Ebrihim, but also because Allen writes the kids superbly and I enjoy a little "Indiana Jones" adventure (and here, unlike with Lando in Black Fleet Crisis, it makes sense and moves the plot). I already mention how Lando and Luke return to Bakura and meet Gaeriel, to win ships to deal with the Corellian issue. Leia and Mara get to escape Coronet House, which is a really intense scene. I also liked how Leia and Han suspected Mara of bringing them into a trap (though it did get old after awhile).
I know the system wide jamming and the system wide interdiction fields were kinda hokey, but for me, they worked. Allen didn't try to overexplain or use funky physics to handwave this plot device. Plus, I think it was cool that, in a sense, our team is forced to use "old techniques", i.e. "Morse" code and time-consuming space travel. All too often, our heroes are able to whip from system to system in a blink of an eye.

I Didn't Like:
I really feel with this second novel that a lot of incidents were put in just so it would fill pages. Some of the unnecessary events include Han fighting Drachmas (yes, I know that's how he meets her, but still, their fight felt tacked on), Luke and Lando fighting their way through Coruscant beasts to meet Mon Mothma (this is just pure filler, there is no reason to include it whatsoever), and all the repetition of the events of last book. I know Allen is trying to bring newcomers up to speed, but honestly, if the book is two in a series, you were already warned.
While Thracken Sal-Solo was kinda cool in how he was related to Han, he almost felt too obviously the villain. He was a drunkard, he had been in the Empire, he was power-hungry...all feels like a stereotypical villain to me. Not to mention, it is almost a bit extreme to make him Han's evil twin.
I guess what I disliked the most was how the excitement and energy from the first novel almost seemed to disappear.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
D*** and h***.
Gaeriel and Luke experience sexual tension.
Han and Drachmas are forced to fight for Thracken. Chewie and the kids get shot at when they first land on Drall. Leia and Mara must elude their captors.

While I enjoyed this and even laughed in a few places, I still found this book a little dull and lackluster. I can't quite pinpoint why, and I'm not sure what was missing, but this book just wasn't as good as the first. However, that doesn't mean this book is bad. It is a solid follow-up to the first book (much better than most EU novels) and definitely leads well into book three, leaving me more than a little interested to see how it ends.