Ambush at Corellia  - Roger Macbride Allen The time has come for Han Solo to go home to his homeworld of Corellia. He along with Leia, Chewie, and his children go for an important trade summit. But a New Republic Intelligence agent, Belindi Kalenda warns him of the unknown situation on Corellia. Once there, the situation escalates, as none of the major species (human, Drall, and Selonian) can stand each other.
Meanwhile, Lando (with the aid of Luke) has a different mission in that could make him comfortably rich for the rest of his life.
NOTE: This is a review based on the audio book and what I remember from reading the actual novel years ago.

I Liked:
The new characters. To be honest, earlier Star Wars novels (minus the Thrawn Trilogy and the X-Wing series) have generated mediocre or lousy characters, some of which include Prince Isolder, Admiral Daala, and Kueller. Here, I found I loved the new characters, particularly Belindi Kalenda, Ebrihim, and Tendra Risant.
Belindi initially struck me as a woman that was good to look at but far from drop dead gorgeous. So that, and the fact she gets a part of the action, means I was instantly drawn to her. I love how we get to be with her for her crash landing, how she is part of the NRI, and how Han helps her escape Corellia to send an important message to Coruscant.
Ebrihim is one of the few aliens I've actually enjoyed. Maybe it's because I don't understand most aliens, maybe it's because most aliens feel too human or maybe it's because aliens tend to be written too boring. Anyway, Ebrihim is cool because A) he is a mini-Wookiee (Okay, so a skinnier Ewok, but I'll just pretend Han said shorter Wookiee), B) he is no-nonsense, and C) he isn't intimidated by either Leia's popularity or her kids' wise cracks. I almost envision him as a hairier (if that is even possible) Gimli.
Lastly, Tendra Risant. Another woman I can relate to! She is slightly overweight (despite how she is drawn with perfect curves in her Wookieepedia profile) but very kind, and generous. I am very glad that Lando found her. She was a perfect doll.
The main characters come off very well as well. Han and Leia in particular are excellent, namely Han. It was enjoyable to watch him return to Corellia, to see him roam the streets. And you can really feel the romance, the love between these two, which is sometimes sorely lacking in these books.
Lando and Luke are present too (I absolutely adore the conversation Mon Mothma has to Luke), but I want to focus on someone else not seen often enough: Mara Jade. She reappears in this book, to deliver a message to Han and Leia. I love how she comes back (even if I am not fond of the idea of her having her own business--I just don't like how "hasty" and "slipshod" it feels, but that would be Anderson's fault, because he introduced that idea first in his Jedi Academy trilogy).
As for the story, I was stunned. It is so interesting! Initially, Han and Leia are going to Corellia for a trade summit, but then they run into a huge conflict between the species of the Corellian system. This is such a unique story, such a cool conflict! And yeah, it ends up including a stupid superweapon, but somehow, that isn't so annoying at this point. At least the enemy isn't the Empire! And who could hate a story set on a planet where Han was born?

I Didn't Like:
The wallbanger moments in this book are pleasantly few and far between. The only noteworthy one was Lando's mission. You see, Lando's latest scheme is to marry into money. Yeah...that's...nice. While it is interesting to see a man try it instead of a woman, I still was a bit perturbed at how it takes away from an otherwise amazing story. And would Luke really try to help Lando marry someone for money? In fact, it seem odd to me that Mon Mothma actually encourages Luke to join Lando. I know she wants him to cultivate his more political/diplomatic side, but how is helping with the courting process going to do that?

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Little to none.
There is chemistry between Han and Leia. Lando seeks out a wife, one of which feeds off her mate's life essence.
Han runs headlong into a Human League march, which lands him in jail. Belindi crash lands on Corellia.

This was another of those books I read when I was a teen and vastly enjoyed. After all the other books that haven't quite favored as well in my adult eyes, I was pleased to find this one enjoyable once again. Yes, it's still a bit silly in places, but I think the characters are well-done and the plot shows thought. A good read.