Battle Surgeons (Star Wars: Clone Wars, #4) - Michael Reaves, Steve Perry "You watch people in this kind of fire...and you see what they're really made of"
On the swampy world of Drongar, a fierce battle ensues between Republic and Separatists over bota, a plant that has amazing healing qualities for humans. On this outpost, a team of top doctors and nurses work to save the lives of soldiers and keep themselves alive as well.

I Liked:
The only "movie" character you will find in this book is the Jedi, Barris Offee. Now some people might be turned off by this fact. But given how well done these "every beings" are done, I think they more than deserve a second chance.
My particular favorite characters are Den Dhur, the Sullustan reporter, Barris Offee, the Jedi Padawan, and Zan, the Zabrak doctor who is also a music aficionado. I love how Den Dhur is so cynical, but at the very end, he goes out of his way to rescue Zan's beloved musical instrument, risking his own hide, something he said he would never do. I also love how he is not a sexy Twi'Lek, a stupid Weequay or a thieving Rodian, but a Sullustan (and not like Nien Nunb from Return of the Jedi, either). Barris has always been one of my favorites. Here, I love how childish she can come across, causing Phow Ji to trip and generally not liking him. It shows the Jedi have emotions and that she isn't perfect. Lastly, Zan. Zan is so tender-hearted, and while his affinity to music could be construed as a cliche, I can't help but like it.
Although these are my favorite characters, the other characters are pretty well written. Jos Vondar has this interesting debate within himself, whether to abandon his beliefs for his love of Tolk, or to reject her. His ultimate choice comes at a perfect time. We also see the reappearance of I-FYQ, the droid with humor, and my favorite from the first Coruscant Nights book, Kaird of Nediji.
In case you haven't heard this already, this book has the feel of M*A*S*H. I really liked this change of pace from your typical action/adventure/fluffy novel that has become the trademark of Star Wars. I appreciate the change in feel, in "genre" (almost) in this novel. It really stands out. And while it is not your "typical" action novel that many were/are complaining are missing from the Clone Wars era novels, I think it serves its purpose well, showing a small battle (aren't all the battles ultimately small, with Jedi stretched all over the galaxy?) on a dusty world in the midst of a medical camp.
I also thought it was an interesting move to have one of our "bad guys" end up being a "good guy", meaning that Admiral Bleyd was working with Filbar the Hutt to make money off stolen bota. It tends that if someone is on the Republic or Rebel's side, they are automatically painted as "good". This book avoids that stereotype nicely.

I Didn't Like:
I really don't have a lot to complain about. It was challenging keeping track of characters. What happened to Phow Ji was kinda confusing.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Star Wars invented (though I think I caught a "heck").
Jos considers a liaison with Tolk and recollects other previous liaisons.
A lot of scenes occur in an OR, so be wary for blood and guts. Also, there are battles, evacuations, and several characters die at the end.

One word: Enjoyable! It's nice to read a niche story about characters we don't see in the movies. We have no idea what happens to them, so when it does, we are appropriately surprised, happy, sad, or angry. I also loved seeing recurring characters, such as I-Five and Kaird. I always appreciate this kind of continuity.
Of course, some people may bemoan the lack of Clone Wars action. It is good to keep that in mind when considering this novel. But if you like good characters and enjoyed watching M*A*S*H, then I suggest you read this book. You won't regret it.