Yoda: Dark Rendezvous - Sean Stewart "When you fall, be there to catch you, I will"
The war rages on and Dooku extends an offer of peace to Yoda and Yoda alone. It may be a trap, but Yoda doesn't want to ignore a way out of the war. Plus, he would like nothing more than to bring his vagrant apprentice back from the Dark Side.

I Liked:
This book is pure enjoyment, the best of the Clone Wars novels written in this era. There are so many areas to love--the characters, the plot, the emotion, the story, even the writing.
Stewart does a fantastic job of writing Yoda, bridging the gap between the prequels and the original trilogy. Yoda is wise, insightful, yet quick to poke fun (or his stick!) at a student.
I don't think I've ever read or seen a better version of Dooku. By far, he is the best done in the book, and with a book of excellent characters, that is high praise indeed. Dooku transcends the stereotypical evil baddie and is a fully three dimensional character. From moments where he contemplates whether he will fit in the Jedi Order to when he critiques the Chateau Malreaux house to the final, epic, verbal showdown between him and YOda, Dooku is a tormented man, a man seeking peace and justice, a man tired of the Republic's corruption, a man searching for his "home".
New characters include Scout, Whie, Jai Maruk and Maks Leem. Scout is another "Etain" (from Hard Contact; she isn't that strong in the Force and must use her wits and tenacity to succeed. It's so easy to cheer for her, to feel her conflict, to feel her earnest desire to be good. Whie is a stirring young man, a perfect example of what Dooku might have become if different choices had been made. Jai Maruk was one of my favorites. I liked his growth with his Padawan, Scout, and how he didn't want her in the beginning (and how Yoda made a bet with him!). Lastly, Maks, who was a cool Jedi, but also a Gran! Yippee for recurring species!
The story is absolutely gripping. Yeah, we as the audience can kinda guess that Dooku isn't really meaning to seek peace, but it does keep you interested. Watching Yoda sneak off Coruscant, the facedown in the spaceport (of all places!), and the idea that Dooku would try to trap Yoda like this was much better than a long, drawn-out, highly confusing battle, like Jedi Trial. Not to mention, I felt the pacing was well done, something that can be hard in any book, but especially a book like this one, so heavily character driven.
Lastly, but certainly not least, was the writing style. Oh, it was such a pleasure to listen to the beautiful words Stewart wrote! It was music to my ears! Well-written, aptly descriptive without bogging down the plot.

I Didn't Like:
Really scraping the bottom of the barrel here...
Yoda does come off as more "original" era than prequel, which is a little odd. Also, Stewart didn't do as fluid a job writing Yoda's speech in some areas.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Whie is told to kiss Scout.
Scout participates in a vicious lightsaber battle in the Jedi Temple. Jai Maruk was captured by Asajj. Two important characters (at least) die in the book. Lightsaber battles, shoot-outs...you know the drill.

Let me put this simply: READ THIS BOOK! This is an amazing book, an in-depth look at Yoda and Dooku and their interesting relationship. It is well-written, entertaining, and moving. You will not want to put it down once you start reading.