Substantial Evidence - Bill Hubbard After my theories of crime class, I have kept my eyes open for true crime books. I saw this one on sale and picked it up, intrigued by the back cover.

Bill Hubbard is a police sergeant in the ID department of the Lubbock County Police Department. His predecessor gives him a file of the county forensic pathologist, Ralph Erdmann. Bill then takes this file and continuously adds to it despite the District Attorney's Office's objections. When he is subpoenaed to court about Erdmann's testimony, he tells the complete truth and is later indicted for telling the truth. The final parts of the book detail his legal battle to win back his job, his pride, and his reputation.

Intriguing! It is scary to think that there are counties that exist in the United States who are not above falsifying government reports and lying under oath. Bill Hubbard's integrity and perseverance is invigorating and refreshing in this fake, deceptive society. Even when it would have been easy to say "I don't remember" or to lie, he refuses to do so.
I was also moved by the great amount of donated support from other law offices. I wish in this world there were more people like Dennette Vaughn, Gerald Goldstein, and Dan Hurley who worked, not for a big, fat paycheck but because the person was wrongly convicted.
Further, Bill is gifted with, not only being a good, honest cop, but being a great writer. I feel Bill did a good job incorporating dialogue (which probably came from court transcripts and memories) to liven up the book. He kept me interested every step of the way, dropping hints and providing great detail. He should be very proud of the work he has done here.

The first 100 or so pages are quite gory as they detail autopsies and the like. If a person is faint of heart, this is not a good book to read.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
Two instances of the f- word that someone besides the author says. No sexual situations. Violence is mostly referencing prior police jobs--the shooting of a cop, a rape, and the like.

After reading another true crime book about Laci and not learning more than I could have found on Wikipedia, I was a little worried about this book. However, my concerns were not founded. This is an excellent book about how the truth won out. Definitely worth reading.