Paid In Blood - Mel Odom I really enjoy the NCIS TV series (minus the copius sexual innuendos) and thought this would be a good, wholesome addition.

An NCIS agent is killed when checking in on a coworker's stepson. Will Coburn and his team begin to investigate. As they wrap up the NCIS agent's murder, they realize that something worse is going on: military weapons are being smuggled. What follows is a fast-paced ride through the US, Korea, and Okinawa to find the culprits and stop the ultimate plan: to start World War III.

At first, I was rather bored. Not realizing where Odom was going, I thought that he was using the NCIS agent's death to show his readers how good his NCIS team is and then would segue into the real mystery. So I kep reading and going, "Okay, when is the mystery going to start?"
That's when I realized that the NCIS death led to the mystery. Odom wraps up the NCIS agent's murder (which is indirectly related to the main story) so that he can focus on the true mystery--the nuclear war that someone is trying to plan out. As the mystery unravels and the team finally discovers the identity of the one trying to start World War III, the pace gets faster and faster and ends in an explosive conclusion.
The author beautifully wove the main story--a possible nuclear war between the superpowers--into the death of the NCIS agent. Further, I was so amazed at the twists and turns in this novel! They were odd (inserting terrorists into the U.S. Navy), but not so odd that you think, "Am I reading science fiction?"
The characters are real and personal. Each person's role in the team makes sense (the author isn't making up some stupid task just so he can put a character in it) and is unique. I just wish they didn't all have supremely depressing personal stories (minus, of course, the late, great Frank Billings). On the other hand, life is tough.

I really don't have a lot of problems with this book. Mostly, it was a little gory, so if you don't like hearing autopsies or going over how someone died or reading about lots and lots of blood, don't read this. The characters are kinda grim--Will is going through a painful divorce, Maggie's father is a control freak, Estrella's husband committed suicide, Shel and his dad don't get along, and Nita doesn't want to be a wife and mom. I would have liked to have seen more character growth and coming to grips with their problems, but if this is going to be a series, that's okay if the author takes his time.
Last problem is that the investigation of the NCIS agent in the beginning is too fast. In less than a day, they have processed the crime scene, interrogated neighbors, found the chop shop, brought down the criminals, and gotten a statement/confession. I know Odom was closing this up so he could focus on the real story (good move) but worth noting.

Dialogue/Sexual Situations/Violence:
No language. Sexual situations consist mostly of brief mentions of scantily dressed women in bars. Several people are shot at or die in the novel. Grisly descriptions of autopsies.

If you like crime scene and mystery mixed with great characters and a military setting, you will like this novel. Can't wait to read his next book!