Star Wars, Volume 1: In the Shadow of Yavin - Brian Wood, Carlos D'Anda Bullet Review:

I hadn't initially planned on following this series because I already am following too many. But how could I call myself a Star Wars fan when I didn't even try this?

This reminds me A LOT of the classic 70's Marvel run. Great adventures, great characters, and a continuous storyline. Even better, Leia is front and center and she kicks some serious ass. I just hope her characterization doesn't get bogged down by romantic feelings for Luke (you know those wimmens, gettin' all emotional over the menfolk!).

It's not perfect - the narration can be superfluous or atrocious, the art verges on meh (not a fan of how impossibly proportioned Leia is) - but it is FUN and a great starting point for new fans who have only seen the movies.

Oh and Birra Seah KICKS ASS!! New favorite character, by far.